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How do I get enough nutrition on an elimination diet??

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  • How do I get enough nutrition on an elimination diet??

    I am fairly new to the primal way of eating, but have already had positive results from cutting out all grains from my diet. For the last six months I have struggled with stomach problems(bloating, constant discomfort, constipation, and sometimes pain). I looked about 5 months pregnant all the time, until I cut out all grains, and my enlarged stomach and most of the other symptoms subsided. However, I noticed that my morning breakfasts of eggs have started to sit very heavy for hours after eating, and sometimes other meals have made me feel the same way. I have also noticed respiratory symptoms flaring up at the same time. I suspect a leaky gut may be the cause, as I struggle with acne too, so I want to go on an elimination diet to help fix it if that's the problem, and also try to figure out what foods my body is sensitive to. Grains, especially corn, cause me problems for sure so they won't be hard to cut out. I suspect dairy, eggs, and some nuts as well. I should probably eliminate nightshades for a while too.

    So my question is, can I get enough calories and nutrients from other foods? If so then what kind of foods should I eat, and when should I reintroduce suspect foods back into my diet?

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    You can definitely get enough nutrients/calories when cutting out dairy, eggs and nuts. As for what you can eat: meat, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats to cook with. I would keep them out of your diet for a good month and then add them back one at a time. Every two-three weeks add one more back in and look for any symptoms. An easier way might be to do a coca pulse test with each food.
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      You may want to check out the GAPS introductory diet too.

      It's apparently a very good way to heal your gut.
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      If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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        Thanks for the tips, I have a hard time getting enough food in eating primally as it is, but maybe this will force me to inspect what I'm really eating a little closer.


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          If you are having trouble getting enough food in primally then I would suggest learning some new recipes, getting some new cuts of meat..and really learning how to cook primally. Once you get this down you'll be surprised how easy it is.

          Need some quick breakfast ideas: (excluding eggs for you)
          greek yogurt w/berries
          leftovers from dinner
          take nuts roast them with a little honey
          veggie shake
          veggie/fruit shake
          protein shake (or combo of the above)

          quick lunch ideas:
          big ass salad with some kind of meat and homemade dressing (3 ingredients)
          tuna with homemade mayo (its only 3 ingredients not that hard )
          left overs from dinner

          quick dinner ideas:
          cook bacon, cook meat in bacon grease, steam veggies, add liberal amounts of butter
          sautee veggies in bacon grease or lard/ or light olive oil
          mashed cauliflower (my personal fav) with pasture butter
          pressure cook a chicken in chicken broth/water with garlic... add lemon caper sauce (homemade mayo, capers lemon juice)
          fish with lemon caper sauce or just butter
          put the lemon caper sauce on the veggies!!
          roast some portebello mushrooms with and put grilled ground beef in between for a "hamburger sandwhich"
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