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Is it normal to sleep badly when starting primal eating?

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  • Is it normal to sleep badly when starting primal eating?

    Hi there everyone,
    I've got a newbie question. I've just started lowering my carbs significantly by cutting out grains and sugar (I've been dairy and gluten free for years but this is a bit more drastic cutting out rice and corn etc). I've always slept really well but since I started this I am awake until 3.00am and then I have a really light dreamy sleep that I come out of really easily. I need to be up at 6.30am and after 5 nights of this I'm starting to wonder if primal is not for me. My body feels great, I'm a weird combination of fizzing with energy and mentally tired. I'm thinking I'll maybe just have protein and vege breakfast and lunch and have some rice or other carbs with dinner. What would people advise? I don't want to give up but I don't want to do sleep deprivation either I have to drive my kids around and work so I can't be too out of it for safety reasons.
    Thanks for listening I'm a bit fuzzy headed at the moment.

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    I had the same issue. I found it helps to have a few carbs at night, but limit to under 50g.
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      "I don't want to give up"

      Wow, I wouldn't have even thought about that as an option. There are so many factors that can affect your sleep, including diet change. Give your body time to normalize. The benefits of eating the way your body has evolved to eat become apparent after time. At the worst, if it's THAT bad, try gradually changing your diet.

      Other factors to consider:

      - Don't eat ~1-2 hours before bed.
      - Stay hydrated.
      - Get enough physical activity. (very important for sleep)
      - Get enough sunlight during the day.
      - Turn off TV/Computer a couple hours before bed and relax. The bright lights trick your body into thinking it's daytime.
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        I had the same thing and even at the same times!LOL. This changed a few weeks into Primal. Now I sleep like a baby. I now find myself dozing off to sleep around 10:15pm and stay asleep all night.


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          Thanks that is helpful. I was reading the forums and lots of people seem to find the opposite, that they sleep really well so it is reassuring to know it is only temporary and I'm not the only one it happens to. I'll try adding in some more carbs at night and gradually cut back if it doen't work then I'll leave going primal until the school holidays in December so I don't have to be driving so much. I'm enjoying the energy and going out and playing frisby and doing fun stuff with my son to get moving more. It is a great reminder to go out and play.


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            Probably yet another weird symptom caused by carb flu. It affects everyone differently, it seems.

            You can try raising carbs (stick to Primal sources like sweet potatoes, though) then SLOWLY lower them again. Like 5g per day.

            Or you can just tough it out for a bit, and it'll probably get better on its own.
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              I went through the same thing. I'd sleep for a few hours, then be up and restless, then go back to bed, but still woke up in the morning feeling ok. It took me a good month to start sleeping through again.

              Unfort since my car accident in September, I've only been sleeping a few hours at a time, and I don't wake up feeling ok or refreshed It sucks!
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