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Yet another fish oil thread

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  • Yet another fish oil thread

    I'm having trouble picking out a good fish oil. I've been using capsules but I'd like to go for the liquid stuff. The thing is, there seem to be a lot of additives/preservatives in these much like the capsules and I'm trying to avoid the worst offenders (like soybean oil, which was surprisingly hard to avoid in capsules).

    Anyone have an opinion on what's best in this regard? I'm not too stressed over EPA/DHA ratio as it's hard to be picky on that front anyway. I just want something as close to just the fish oil as I can get. Preferably without spending a fortune either, but I at least want to be able to sort through the mess a little more easily.

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    Fermented cod liver oil.
    $5 off QOC241

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      I liked Carlson's liquid. Personally though, I'd recommend just eating more fish (and less omega-6). See this post from Chris Kresser:


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        thank you for your sharing, it is so useful to me.


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          Thanks for the tips, I may end up going with Carlson's. Preferably yes, I would be eating more fish, but it's not always convenient or cost effective. Ah well.


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            I take fish oil caps ( Ultra) because I don't like the taste of oily, omega 3 rich fish. The only soy in them is mixed tocopherols. The lecithin and vegetable oil in them are from sunflowers.