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Primal eating for infants?

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  • Primal eating for infants?

    I'm new to the site, and after briefly checking FAQ's and the forums I didn't see anything that really applied to my situation, so I thought I'd throw it out there. I've got a 13-month old son who's a perfectly healthy, active, and bright little guy who's still nursing. (We're going with the philosophy that he'll wean himself when he's good and ready - we kind of fell into the primal parenting approach when he was only a few weeks old).

    Here's my issue, which may be slightly different from a lot of the people here: I can't keep the weight on.

    I'm 20lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight, which was healthy and ideal, and about to fall through the bottom of my BMI category. I'm consistently low on energy, and I'm worried about his milk supply drying up before he's finished with it. I'm also pretty much always hungry, and it doesn't seem to matter how much I eat, I still want more.

    So, as something needs to change, my husband and I are ready to try paleo. I don't have the time, energy, or inclination to make seperate meals for my son...he's always eaten what we eat. Any other parents out there with any words of wisdom or experience here? My son's a bit young to be able to deal with a lot of meat -- plus he doesn't have the right teeth yet. Bread has been a staple because he can feed himself with some sort of a spread on it.

    I guess I'm just a little concerned that by losing the grain products he's going to lose out on things he needs for developmental purposes that he can't get...yet...from other more natural sources because he's too young yet.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks...

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    Infants meal should be your meal (meat, veggies, maybe some tubers/fruit). I am not sure why you think your son is too young to have a lot of meat, or why having teeth has anything to do with it. If you are worried about choking then puree it. Some parents dont even find the need, the baby will just suck on it. I would never feed my infant grains. The Primal Parent | Primal parenting our paleo kids
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      You can put foods in a blender for him (or if you are interested in reenactment, chew them up for him) like steak, liver, vegetables, etc. Basically make paleo/Primal baby foods out of whole ingredients. Grains are NOT NUTRITIOUS and your son will not be missing out on any essential nutrition by substituting whole animal and vegetable foods for them.

      And if you're breastfeeding, then it is very important that YOUR nutrition is good, because that's where he gets his nutrients from. What do you eat on a daily basis? Just to get an idea. If you're hungry all the time no matter what you eat, I bet you're not getting enough animal protein and fat in your diet--so your body is going haywire trying to get you to ingest nutrients that aren't in the foods you're eating. If you like liver and other offal that's a good bet too.
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        Invest in a food processor/food mill. That way baby is eating the same stuff as you in puree form. Plus, he's a year old, so he should be able to chew some of the softer stuff. Introduce him to avocados
        If you're worried about your supply, I encourage you to see if there's a local chapter of Eats On Feet nearby where other moms donate their excess milk to help sustain other babies.
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          I have a grandson that was 10 months old the last time I visited. He was totally ready to eat the same food we were eating. I pulled my food into itty-bitty pieces and put it on the tray of his high chair. He ate everything I did and loved it. I was trying to make the point that my daughter and SIL didn't need to do pureed food any more.

          As long as he is nursing to, the solid food is supplemental and more about practicing and getting used to it. My grandson was able to eat chicken and ground beef with no issues. The steamed vegetable pieces are pretty soft.


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            I would just make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need first if you are still nursing. Then just give him small amounts of what you are eating. My kids are 8 & 10 now but up until they were 18 months and they didn't eat alot of solid foods. They hated most baby foods and we just feed them little bits of what we ate.

            One of my nieces was allergic to everything when she was that age and she ate a diet almost entirely of meat. Not only did she thrive but she outgrew all of her allergies including peanuts.
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              cut out the bread and crackers, and anything else that's grain-based. all of the primal foods are good for babies his age (my youngest is 16 months, oldest is almost 8), i'd avoid egg whites, dairy, and nuts, but those three are still preferable to grain-based foods. meat is perfect, high in the nutrients that are low in breastmilk (protein and iron for starters). ground meat is great, but if you're making steak or something else, dice it finely and let him practice his pincer fingers. softboil an egg, throw out the white, and let him play with/eat the smooshy yolk (high in biotin and fat-soluble vitamins). let him have a bit of smooshed avocado on a spoon, or little cubes to pick up on his own. small cubes of cheese are an okay snack once in a while (too often might make him constipated). most of the foods will be messy, but primal foods are nutritionally dense and friendly to little budding teeth. while only sort of primal, frozen green beans are great for a teething baby, and easy to grasp. in fact, if your meals are primal with no additives or non-primal sauces/condiments, you can scoop a little onto another plate and give your babe a little at a time. if you feed him a whole baby-sized meal at once, he'll likely play with it. but if you place a spoonful or two onto his tray, he's more likely to eat it. also try a little bone broth in a sippy cup to ward off constipation.

              Mark wrote an article on the subject, though i think you're a little past this point.
              The Definitive Guide to Feeding Primal Babies | Mark's Daily Apple
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                "Infants meal should be your meal (meat, veggies, maybe some tubers/fruit)."

                Not maybe some tubers and fruit - but yes.


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                  Originally posted by Sue View Post
                  "Infants meal should be your meal (meat, veggies, maybe some tubers/fruit)."

                  Not maybe some tubers and fruit - but yes.
                  Are you saying your baby shouldn't have any tubers or fruit? Why?
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                    I'm saying tubers and fruit shouldn't be maybe BUT yes they should be eating tubers and fruit daily.


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                      Ah OK. That makes more sense. Although I don't think rotating things in and out over several days would do any harm either.

                      Too much sweet fruit can make babies develop a sweet tooth and start refusing less-sweet, more nutritious food though (just like in adults ) so I wouldn't make it one of the main staples of the diet. Just my $0.02.
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                        Uncephalized, I was just concerned that the starches fear-mongering that is going on around the net will be directed at infant diets.
                        I'm not saying a lot of fruit - 1 or 2 pieces per day (not that any more would be harmful - its not HFCS). As they get older see fruit as dessert rather than lollies etc.


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                          I'm going to go a bit against the grain (pardon the pun) and say your baby doesn't need pureed foods. I know he is older but check out Baby Led Weaning. It is a much more natural way of approaching solids in my opinion.

                          Our little one just had her first birthday and has been on solids since 6 months and she has never had purees, always what we are eating and always fed herself. Yes it is definitely messier but it is great for their development. She has been primal for a few months now. She just eats what I do. She couldn't tolerate eggs for a while but after trialling her on some straight from the farm over the past couple of days she is fine.

                          She only has a few teeth at the front but regularly chews through chicken, rarish steak, ground beef, fish, pork chops. Gums are pretty strong!
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                            Baby Led Weaning:
                            Baby Led Weaning - The Mush Stops Here!


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                              Dammit, I just re-read the thread title. I thought it said "Primal Eating OF Infants".

                              Which is something I can get behind.

                              Why are you people still breeding?