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Coconut WATER??

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  • Coconut WATER??

    I know that usually coconut oil, coconut flour, and regular coconut is good for you but what about coconut water? Any advice on this?

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    It's the new rage. I hated the various brands I tried. It taste like sweaty sock to me. Not that I've eaten or tasted sweaty sock.LOL

    I've had real fresh coconut water and this tasted so much better.


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      It's good for rehydrating during or after a heavy workout, but it's pretty much useless rest of the time and provides unnecessary carbs.


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        Originally posted by Tneah View Post
        I've had real fresh coconut water and this tasted so much better.
        +1000. I had bottled first and thought it was OK. Fresh is amazingly awesome.

        Also, +1 to seashells comment.


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          i found that the brand using Thai coconuts was waaaay better than the Brazilian coconut. I like it after a long hot bike ride or a sweaty humid jog. I wouldn't make a habit of it other than that. Now that it's finally cooling off, i probably won't be buying any for awhile.


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            I like to hydrate with it when I am doing a 2 hour long practice session with my paddling team. I liked it most when I opened a fresh one, tipped the contents into a bottle, and freeze it to place in the fridge the day of my practice
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              I've heard it's good if you need a potassium top-up.


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                I work outside in the heat and sweat a lot (and I mean A LOT), so I use it to rehydrate, avoiding a migraine.

                The two brands I use are Coco Vita and O.N.E because they seem to taste fine and don't have anything weird in them.

                They are a bit high in carbs, so I would definitely limit them, but otherwise they're fine.


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                  I love the stuff (drink Vita Coco) when I've finished a training session. Especially when its chilled. I don't really drink it any other time.


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                    Fresh coconut water, straight out of the green coconut is like an elixir here!

                    There is nothing like getting one out of the fridge, on a hot tropical day, lopping the top off with a machete and drinking the juice. Lovely! Full of electrolytes and vitamins. I think you could live on them! In fact, during World war II, they used to use coconut water as an alternative to intravenous blood plasma, in emergency situations, because it has exactly the same chemical make-up as human plasma.

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