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IF and colds/sickness

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  • IF and colds/sickness

    Ok, have been eating IF for a while now (using IF as that is the familiar term, however, I consider it the most correct way to eat, so I suppose it should just be called “eating normally”, while everyone else should be called “AE” (always eating). Anyway, picked-up a slight bug yesterday (sinus drainage, fever, chills) and can’t decide how or whether I should reduce or increase my eating intervals. I would usually just do a 20/4 or a 16/8 today. I’ve looked around and seem to find contradictory/inconsistent advice (i.e. fast more when starting to get sick; fast less if starting to get sick). Thoughts?

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    Starve a fever, feed a cold? Or perhaps the other way around? I guess I'm not sure. I've never really paid attention.

    My sickness-beating trick is to bundle up in layers of warm clothes, including a winter hat, and pile extra blankets on the bed. A fever is your body's way of killing a virus, which can't handle heat. I just give a bit of assistance. There have been a couple of occasions where I went to bed like that and woke up soaked in sweat, but healthy again, but that hasn't happened in a long time.


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      If you have an upper respiratory infection with fever, my advice is to avoid carbs (they feed the infection) and go heavy on fat (fuel for the fever, which will kill the infection if your body can get it high enough for long enough). Let your appetite be your guide for now rather than sticking to the IF schedule you follow when healthy.

      That's what I did when I caught a cough last week, my first sickness all year. I hit the pork and coconut pretty hard. One day of really intense fever, one day of feeling exhausted but still able work, and then on the third day I was back in the gym making up for lost time.

      Feel better soon!


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        Yes, feed a cold, starve a fever. You can do what you want but if you have a cold I would just eat lots of nice warm foods, primal if possible but it's more important to get better quickly. I confess that when I have colds I like to hit the chinese buffet get some nice, spicy general tso's or pepper chicken. I know the food in there tends to not be good but it help as far as I'm concerned.