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Make 5$ Free in any Apple or Android you have ! ~ HOT ~

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  • Make 5$ Free in any Apple or Android you have ! ~ HOT ~

    AppRedeem - site as pays you for download applications in Free.
    the site is connected with Appstore so you dont need to worry.

    i have already 12$ !!!!!! is so cool !!!

    what you need:
    * Apple or Android device.
    * Internet connection
    * account in Paypal (Verifyed with credit card)

    Step 1:
    Open your browser in your device and enter this site:
    and add this site to your home screen.

    Step 2:
    Open the Appredeem application go to "Settings" and "Creat a new acoount" (with your Paypal e-mail)

    Step 3:
    now is the time to do your first 0.25$ . Go to App tab and press on "Bonus Code" (the third opstion). enter this code: alon1234 and here you have 0.25$.

    Step 4:
    Now is the longest part which you make the most of the money.
    Go to "Apps" tab, now you see a lot of applications choose 1 and install it.
    after you install it go into the application and play in the application for 25 seconds. now go back to Appredeem.
    now screen will pop you. you need to rate the app rate it and post it. Do this progress in all the applications and you have a lot of money.

    Step 5:
    Go to "Redeem" tab and spend your money how you want (I prefer Paypal).
    Paypal transfer is auto and its takes few seconds.

    Step 6:
    Do it in any Apple or Android device and get dozens of dollars.[/b][/b]

    Proof of payment:
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