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most "primal" famous sweets?

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  • most "primal" famous sweets?

    i know its a funny question as there is no primal sweets(except maybe 150% dark chocolate), but i found myself really chalenging myself when i tried going paleo a few weeks ago.
    unfortunately i felt so hungry all the time and now i know it has alot to do with the fat and only today i bought coconut oil.
    i tried starting again yesterday and was doing all ok untill now which because i was so hungry and in need of a snack i just bought milk chocolate and something called bamba here(like peanuts snack)....

    i entered the first try with very little knowladge of what im going to do, and trying to be "strict" i failed miserebly.
    unfortuntately my problems-fibromyalgia and acne while im 24 almost, are pretty severe and i fail to understand the lack of "full absent". so a few weeks ago i started buying more and more dark chocolate and then failed when ate a snack......since then i thought to myself "i failed and should start all over and dont have the strength".

    i feel like im starting again the same way, knowing very little about what im gonna do. yes-i bought a vegtables recipes book i was advised here but still.....not sure how i can deal with it.
    is is true that im my situation-i ---must--- absent from most things and go stricly paleo at least at first?
    and regarding my questions about sweets, are there any famous sweets(like m&m, twinks, or even noutella) there are the most paleo friendly except pure dark chocolate?
    im not sure how i should approach it, as im affraid if ill eat little i will want to eat alot but also not sure if i can absent from it tottally.
    also i cant drop the feeling of "even little equal starting from the beginning"

    will appreciate any advice.

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    what about this...

    crack open a coconut
    shred it up
    put it in a bowl with some cinnamon (or whatever)
    drizzle some raw honey
    mix it all up..

    place portions on a baking sheet
    pop it in the oven - similar to baking a cookie
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      Going primal has helped me re-sensitise my taste buds to sweet food.
      Fruit now tastes ridiculously sweet to me.
      Apples and bananas have replaced chocolate and candy to me.

      If you are looking for a good sweet replacement though, try searching the internet for 'primal cookies' or 'primal candy'.
      There aren't many problems in life that can't be solved by sleeping it off, or adding more butter.


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        fruit - nature's candy


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          Full fat greek yogurt with a few drops of stevia and berries.


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            Originally posted by erikJ View Post
            Full fat greek yogurt with a few drops of stevia and berries.
            can i start eating yogurt? last time i went primal i didnt even eat butter as i thought that for my condition i shoukld avoid anything i can at first.
            now i will consume butter but thought that dairy and cheese(feta, greek) are a very big not sure if i should avoid them at first or make it easier for me and avoid sugar and gluten first.
            i really want to get relief from the acne and not sure what to do...always thought cheese aggrevate acne


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              Have you read the book? The first thing you do is:

              Eliminate all forms of sugar (that means all the sweeties mentioned)
              Eliminate all forms of wheat and grains and legumes, including corn, peanuts and cashews.
              Eliminate all forms of bad fat. Corn oil, soya oil, all trans fat.
              Eliminate all soya products.

              When you have done that start eating whole foods, meat, eggs, vegetables, butter, coconut products, some fruit.

              You will find that you will get great relief from eliminating the first 4 categories of food. Now that your diet is clean you can look into food products that may cause you problems as an individual, so track how you feel, muscle pain, acne etc and add and remove as you see the symptoms and find out what is true for you. For example nuts can be quite inflammatory, so you may not want to snack on these, or at least be very aware of your physical reaction when you eat them

              But until you get it through your head that famous sweets such as M&M's, nutella, twinks are not good for you, they are really s@@t for you, you will not succeed. You are not going back to them.

              If you need a sweet, start with 70% chocolate, it is much easier if you are not used to dark chocolate. Dried coconut is sweet, but filling. To help with your sweet tooth at first there can be help with stevia and different desserts but again watch for your reaction and eliminate as necessary.

              I do not know about fibromyalgia but I do know about bad muscle pain in my calves for 20 years and eating this way has completely eliminated it. It is worth doing. But you have to stop missing the food that is causing you so much trouble, stop thinking about it emotionally. Food is fuel, it does make you happy in the biological sense that you are sated and that it (and your brain) can function optimally but food should not be an emotional crutch which it sounds like you use chocolate and the other stuff for.

              You need also to ask other sufferers of fibromyalgia what supplements they are using as that may be of help with the pain. From what I read acne seems to be a very n=1 situation. It really is what is true for you. Coconut oil is a great face wash.

              Read the fancy stuff on the forum, but for now stick to the basics that Mark has outlined.
              Life. Be in it.