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Junk food binge before starting 21 day primal transformation..

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  • Junk food binge before starting 21 day primal transformation..

    ...I have been following an approx 50% primal diet for around a month now after reading MDA. I have just got Mark's new 21 day transformation book.

    I really want to change my body and get fitter - I am 30 yrs old and play rugby for my local team...we came up against a team full of young, lean whippersnappers yesterday...and got our arses thoroughly whipped. I got made a fool so many times and these speedy guys constantly jinked past me - I couldn't get a hand on them - I just kept felling the spare couple of stone of fat I am currently lumbering around with.

    So - I plan to start the 21 day transformation tomorrow. I have been brought up on a typical Scottish diet: white bread, pies, cakes, poor quality meat, "healthy" vegetable oil, lots of sugar and, latterly, too much alcohol. I won't lie, I love these foods.

    However - today I plan to make myself as sick as possible: I plan to consume croissants, chocolate, pasta, Dr Pepper, ice cream and probably a couple of beers - I suppose I want to remind myself that these foods do me no good whatsoever - it will also purge my kitchen of all the remaining junk. I would liken this approach to your parents making smoke 20 cigarettes when they catch you smoking as a teenager!

    Anyway - it's 8:30am - I will update with what I eat and how crap I feel! (I'm already looking forward to eating well come Monday morning....)


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    ok 9am: 2 large croissants for breakfast covered in butter. Washed down with 500ml of diet Coke and followed up with a chocolate yoghurt thing. At this moment - I feel great!

    Also going mountain biking later - will see how I feel after that...


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      That's really disgusting!

      ETA - I think I was more grossed out by combination of foods then the fact that it's junk food. But good luck!
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        Yeah, this is stupid bro.


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          Why are you using your body as a garbage disposal?
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            Do not worry, it is not stupid. Binge, go hard. Get it out of your system.

            I was doing a similar thing before undertaking my latest 40 hour fast. After the 40 hour fast is complete, I will eat like Grok again.

            It is no problem. Do not listen to the naysayers.


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              The problem with having a binge day is that it can turn into a binge week too easily. Please be careful and commit yourself 100% to the plan in 24 hours!
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                Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
                The problem with having a binge day is that it can turn into a binge week too easily. Please be careful and commit yourself 100% to the plan in 24 hours!
                This is exactly my problem. "Monday" turns into "well, Tuesday is actually the 1st of the month and that would be good to start on the 1st" ... which then turns into "well, Friday is payday, and I could clear my pantry and shop for all the highest-quality foods then." Meantime, I'm slamming back the croissants and Pepsi all the while (you know, just to get it out of my system!) and my ass is spreading even as I type this.
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                  While I understand the "concept" of that last binge before "getting it out of your system" ... it is just another day filled with toxins that you will have to process physically as well as mentally, and another day lost in attaining your health and goals ... just my opinion.
                  Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                    Hey Danny, good luck! You can definetly do it. I am based in Edinburgh and go down to GT lots. You have a great butchers on the high st. Last time I was in I was like a kid in a candy shop, lol.

                    Yes, I know the "love" of the Scottish diet but I have put those demon behind me plus I am finally done with sugar. I am not going to lie you might find it rough to transition but please stay with it. Plus perhaps keep it to yourself as friends/family can find it a bit weird. However, it will be worth it!

                    I am committing to a good clean 30days in November, can't wait - well already started. So if you need a buddy for an arm round the shoulder or a kick up the arse then give me a shout.

                    Once you truely commit to paleo you will soon be feeling awesome and love love loving your rugby!


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                      You know what you should have done? You should have thrown out all your junk food or given it away. That's a better indicator that you really are ready to part with it.
                      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                        I kind of like the binge idea -- especially if you binge till you feel sick. Remember that sick feeling, it can be a great motivator.

                        Then get serious -- with all that binging carb inside you, the "carb flu" may be pretty severe. But you will get thru it and probably feel pretty good at the end of the first week. Usually, when you give up a food (any food that you have developed a sensitivity to) you will feel some kind of withdrawal, especially on days 3-6, or so. What your body is telling you is that is craves something it is not getting, but it craves it because it is bad for you. Like nicotine withdrawal. The detox can be unpleasant -- but well worth it.

                        Have a fun, bad-old-time today and remember how crummy you felt after binging.
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                          Do it! It may make you feel a little sick but wait until you adjust to the low-carb, low -sugar lifestyle THEN try to binge. It feels REALLY gross. I used to like Chinese Food but now gag walking by those places. Unfortunately, I can't say my sweet tooth is gone because I still crave it but I can only take a few bites of something sweet and I get this really gross taste in my mouth. It can only be described as feeling like I know I'm eating something poisonous. I tried a small Pumpkin Spice Latte the other week, fully flavored with the sugary syrup and had to throw 1/2 of it out.

                          Promise yourself you'll be good!


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                            Let us know how awful you feel. This is actually great inspiration. I've been bad with food the last two weeks, eating alot of bread(3 batons over the last 3 days ahahahaha!!), but just as i was about to see out my dirty tactics with a chocolate muffin, i stop at this thread and feel repulsed by the idea. So instead, i'm content to have my amazing chicken and veggie broth soup thing, and not leave the toxic shit behind.


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                              Yup - kept the day going to get rid of crap. 2 cream fingers and a pain ou chocolat before lunch....2 hours mouniian biking...couple of beers,...bacon roll for lunch. Then went on a four mile walk. Dinner was a bowl full of spaghetti and a few more beers .....feeling ok - but think it is the exercise rather than the food.