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weird lack of hunger

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  • weird lack of hunger

    hi guys.
    for few months i tried being primal, but it didnt work out because i couldnt resist the crabs cravings.
    about a month and a half ago my doctor gave me a diet menu (the regular stuff.. 3 meals a day and 2 small meals, very little fat, not so much alot of protein, and a avg amount of carbs).
    from my time trying to be primal, i learned to eat only when im hungry, so i decided that i will follow the doctor's menu but i will only eat when im hungry.
    i followed the menu for like 2-3 weeks and than i just seemed to lose my appetite.
    its weird because the diet he gave me has very little fat in it so i dont understand what keeps me so full.
    i thought maybe my time attempting primal triggred my survival instinct and thats why i never feel hungry.
    for the last 2 weeks or so ive been eating 1 meal a day, mostly consists of rice,chicken breast and salad, and i would usually eat it at like 9-11 pm just because i havent ate all day and wanted to get somthing in my body (most improtantly protein).
    few days ago i didnt get the chance to eat and i didnt eat for like 30 hours, and i still didnt feel hungry.. i dont know what to do.. did my time being primal triggred the system in my body that burns fat as the main energy source and thats why i never feel hungry, even though im not eating almost any fats?

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    No, nothing triggered your survival instinct.

    I do not know the cause of your problems, but I know that you do not know the cause either.


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      Are you losing fat? Every pound of fat you lose is about 3500 calories, which is more than enough calories to keep you for a day or two.

      The problem I see is that you are very quickly going to be lacking nutrients if you don't vary your diet more.


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        You're probably just bored with the food you're eating so you don't even realize you're hungry.
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          no.. im seriiously not hungry..
          and i do what i can to get my daily income of protein and enough carbs and some fat.
          and yes i am losing fat at the recent time.. which is what i want so its good for me.