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  • I need guidance!!!

    So I am new to PB, but I dove into it once I decided to do so. Just straight to it. Anyways, right after starting it, I noticed I lost some weight. Great! I was not even working out yet. Then I started working the kettlebells and found the pleasure of coconut pancakes... And I gained weight again...

    I think this is what made me get my pants tight again, because I totally cut grains. But as I was reading the recipe for "banana almond pancakes", the person who posted it here, said that if you are looking to lose some weight, you should not eat those; for they are too starchy. So that rang a bell! That got be it! And also, I bake grain-free crackers or nutty bars for when I feel hungry inbetween meals. Now, I just read another post about snacks and you guys say it is not a good idea.

    I cannot eat just a few meals a day, I'm hypoglycemic and my digestion seems to be fast, cause I feel hungry soon. And I eat all the good, primal stuff. But here is my question to anyone who wants to guide me:

    - if I wan to shed some pounds, should I cut pancakes completely, dairy as well? What about the nuts? I am SCARED... nuts are so caloric!...

    I wish Mark Sisson had included this little "note" on his cookbook, that pancakes can make you gain weight... I feel confused, guys... Can anyone help??
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    I'd stick to meat and veggies for a bit and you should lose weight. Once you get the weight off, you incorporate the primal treats ESP after workouts.


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      meat green veggies.

      those ARE your treats.


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        The good fats will help to sustain the hunger cravings, along with the meats n veggies...It does take time, and is better if you avoid the numbers on the scale, and listen to how your body feels and looks. These readings are more the Primal way of life. Continue with how you are going, and the signs will start to show:-) Remember, this is not a DIET, but a lifestyle change and it will take time:-) Free your Mind, and your Grok will follow...
        Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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          Welcome babycakes!

          Its not that snacking is bad idea...if you're hungry, eat something. If you eat a good filling breakfast and you feel hungry X hours later...grab a handful of berries and nuts to hold you over. An apple with some organic PB is good too. Just don't overdo it...the 'snack' is just meant to hold you over and kill the craving.
          ***The hunter wouldn't pass up some nuts and berries if he/she was hungry on the way back from his/her neither should you.

          Don't pay attention to calories. Just ensure you are getting good amounts of protein, good amounts of fat, and stay within your carb range using greens and veggies.

          I personally don't like dairy, unless its raw whole milk. I would suggest making your own whole coconut milk if need be.
          If you would like to expedite fat loss, I would suggest taking out the dairy and pancakes. You will gradually lose weight regardless, but to speed it up, yes.
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          Would like to be in good shape by my 36th Birthday (07-07-2013)


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            Welcome to the boards, BabyCakes!

            I agree with Darth Friendly and jens522: stick with meats (including fish) and vegetables, especially the leafy green ones. Ensure you're eating good animal fats. Toss an orange in here and there, maybe a kiwi. And cook with coconut oil. Avoid dairy, nuts, and grains. Later, when you've achieved your goals, moderate your nut intake, and ensure that you compliment your meals with omega-3 supplements (fish oil) so that you can balance your Omega-3:Omega-6 ratio. Nuts contain a lot of omega-6, so they should be consumed in moderation. On that last note, cut-down on your almond flour use.
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              In this post about people who don't want to lose weight Mark talks about counting calories, it can apply to those wanting to lose as well:

              "1. Track your calorie intake.

              I know, I know. This sounds like sacrilege. But a huge number of people who claim to eat 4000+ calories each day without gaining an ounce of fat or muscle are simply not eating as much as they think they are. Classic fat-and-protein-rich Primal fare has the benefit of being nutritionally-dense and/or*extremely satiating. These are excellent traits if you need to eat less, but if you’re trying to eat more, they can lead to unwittingly undereating. Don’t let that happen. Use*Fitday or*Cronometer or Paleo Track to track your food intake for a few weeks. Stop guessing and stop estimating; start measuring, if only to get an accurate idea of how much food you’re actually eating."

              So if the pancakes, nuts are calorically dense you need to make up for it by eating less for the rest of day. Or keep pancakes for once per week on the weekend.
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                I would suspect you're still dealing with non-Primal hunger around the hypoglycemia. I'm not saying you should change the regular eating, but just to go with only with how you feel and carry easy primal things in case you do get hungry. Primal eating really should make that better, and relatively quickly.

                Are you keeping carbs around 50g/day? It's easy if you are only eating veggies, a few nuts, low carb fruit (eg berries mostly) and not too much in the "extras" area? Eating plenty of protein? Filling up with fat...coconut oil or coconut butter? Yes, IMO, giving up most dairy...stick with whole cream and dilute it with water if you feel you want a MILK consistency fluid. Hold off on the yogurts and things like that. Like others have said, veggies, veggies, veggies, and meat and fat. Dark chocolate is a GREAT craving satisfy-er, too, a little bit will do it.

                I don't know about the cookbook, but getting used to the very basics of Primal is probably the best way to get healthy and lose weight. In the book, there's a great chapter specifically on weight loss, including figuring out how many calories you need, how many grams of protein will feed you well, and explanations for all of it. And many places I have seen the advice to hold off on the special things like Primal treats (I would count pancakes as one of those) until you've lost some and maybe feel more settled in the WOE.


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                  ha ha, I like your honesty! I know, it's a matter of mind set. Thanks a lot!
                  The mind is the source of ALL problems.


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                    Hey, SoccerGrok! That's exactly what I want: a way of "eating", not a diet. I want to eat primal for the rest of my life. Tired of those crazy things like counting points, weighing my food, etc. Thanks a lot! I appreciate!
                    The mind is the source of ALL problems.


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                      at Raptoryell: I drink only almond milk. I've tried coconut milk, but... urgh... tastes horrible to me!!! Yes, I will cut the pancakes (sniff...) and the dairy. I used to eat a little cheese, but if I want o expedite fat burn, I'll cut that too. I also made myself a little calendar to check every day I eat 100% primal. Thank you so much!
                      The mind is the source of ALL problems.


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                        at Kane:
                        I'm starting to get the hang of this! I was thinking about it and I also got to the conclusion that almond flour is also a treat, not the right thing to rely on a daily basis. Yeah, the nuts... I do add cod liver oil to my food, so that should help, right? I decided today to cut all dairy and get my carbs only from veggies. Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!
                        The mind is the source of ALL problems.


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                          at Sue:... hmm... If there is one thing I do not want to do, is keep track of what I eat. I want to incorporate PB into my life, I do not want to live thinking about food though. And doesn't Mark say that we don't need to count calories and such?? Thanks for the input.
                          The mind is the source of ALL problems.


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                            at morningmoon: I have no idea how much my carb intake is. And I really don't want to know. I will explain: I do not want to feel like I am doing weight watchers, counting everything I eat. I consider that extremely annoying! However, after reading the replies here to my post, I do see that I was getting more carbs than I should by eating the pancakes and crackers, for instance. I see now that my carb intake has to come from veggies, not from flour. As you said, I need to stick to fruits like berries and no bananas for a while. Yeah, I am not eating any yogurt, but was eating cheese sometimes. I'll cut those off too. You're right, I was relying too much on the "special things". Thanks a bunch!
                            The mind is the source of ALL problems.