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Can Butter trigger leptin resistance?

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  • Can Butter trigger leptin resistance?

    I noticed already a while back that when I eat butter or stuff dipped in butter, I have a hard time reaching satiaty.

    For example: When I eat nuts, I usually am really full after 100 grams. But when I dip them in butter, I can eat over 250 grams of nuts (with the butter) in a sitting and still not feel satiated.

    Like I said, the nuts are just an example. This behavior happens with AYNTHING dipped in butter (Meat, Veggies, anything)

    Note, I do not eat any other dairy, no milk, no cheese, no yoghurt, kefir etc.
    Another note, everything I eat is unsalted.

    Also I didn't eat butter for the past 2 days and suddenly lost 1.4kg in 2 days.

    It all pretty much does describe leptin resistance but as I really love butter, I figured I'll ask in here.

    Cheers and thanks for the help,

    PS: Of course the butter is grassfed.

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    Is the butter unsalted? If not, that's probably why.
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      Like I said above, everything I eat is unsalted. Including the butter.


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        Butter has nothing to do with Leptin Resistance.

        Leptin resistance is the plague of America where the brain no longer recognizes body fat levels with the result that people are driven to snacking, over-eating, yo-yo dieting and much more. Leptin is the MASTER hormone that controls all others. Leptin resistance is developed from years of eating the high carb, low fat diet.

        If you look in the mirror, do you consider yourself over weight? If yes, then you are Leptin Resistant 24/7 and your Leptin sensitivity is screwed up at one or more of the following areas:
        * Brain
        * Liver
        * Pancreas
        * Muscles.
        Therefore your satiety is not functioning properly. IMO your test for satiety with butter is invalid if you are Leptin Resistant. See Leptin Introduction below the line for more. How much do you weigh?



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          Those with so called leptin resistance didn't get fat eating high carb low fat. I can assure you that fat had a part - the hydrogenated fake fats.


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            Originally posted by injex View Post
            Like I said above, everything I eat is unsalted. Including the butter.
            I wasn't sure if you meant everything except the butter, so sorry. It's possible you have a sensitivity to butter, causing you to crave it more and messing with your satiety signals.
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              leptin has nothing to do with short tem hunger or individual meal regulates/changes leptin status. yes, certain macros change temprary leptin, but thats not important

              "There really is zero evidence for it, and in fact, real world observation of fat people largely argues against a leptin signaling disorder.

              1) IF garden variety obese people were LR, how could it be possible to have a major, instantaneous, rapid metabolic shift upon initiation of a ketogenic diet? Here's a clue: leptin deficient people will not respond with palliation to a ketogenic diet. In order for a ketogenic intervention to help, one must have adequate and in tact leptin signaling. Otherwise, glucose control will NOT improve, appetite will NOT reduce, and fat oxidation will REMAIN debilitated. Ketosis will NOT correct leptin deficiency, yet our own eyes can see the hundreds of obese people who instantly normalize their metabolism in a matter of days merely by eating moderate amounts of cream cheese and butter. I know, I was one of them.

              2) The phenotype of an obese person, is NOTHING like a leptin deficient person.. Obese people have very low ghrelin, hypergonadism, upregulated thyroid axis, high IGF1/low IGFBP, all of this suggests extremely high leptin signaling.

              Sometimes I feel like the only person who is even questioning this LR idea.

              Here's the fact; LR is only discussed because leptin is the last new thing we discovered in obesity research. No one wants to admit it is a dead end, that leptin is just a passive sign of metabolic disorder.

              Here's an anology I think is appropriate.

              Leptin is to obesity, what BNP is to heart failure.

              CHF/Heart failure is a condition where, due to anatomical damage or other issues, the heart muscle cannot properly eject fluid into circulation. As a result, the heart becomes loaded with fluid, the person becomes cardiovascularly compromised (heart rate increases , blood pressure drops; fluid backs up into venous system and lungs with symptomatic SOB/coughing/edema, the person exhibits activity intolerance due to poor oxygenation of tissues).

              It is very basic medical/surgical care to see a rising BNP, and for the practitioner to think "he / she is exhibiting a worsening of heart failure". There are other reasons a BNP may rise (metabolic/not CHF related) but generally speaking BNP = heart failure.

              Now, BNP, b-naturetic peptide, ordinarily would result in diuresis and a drop in fluid volume. WHen the cardiac tissue stretches, this protein is made and the body responds by losing salt/fluid. The body doesnt KNOW what heart failure is, all it knows is, "cardiac tissue stretch = make BNP". However, the BNP does not stop the heart failure, and the condition will worsen and worsen unless the person is treated with diuretics, at high doses, among other interventions.

              Observing that BNP rises in heart failure, yet the person REMAINS in heart failure, does not mean the person is resistant to BNP! BNP is working as intended - the reason fluid volume remains high is because the high fluid volume is not a result of low BNP or disordered BNP signalling.

              This is exactly like leptin in obesity. Leptin keeps rising and rising, because ordinarily, if physiology were otherwise normal, leptin would inhibit further body fat gain. The body does not know about disordered insulin dynamics and glucose intolerance, all it knows is "gain fat, see insulin = make leptin". Leptin singalling in obesity is MAXIMAL, but the person still gains body fat because other things besides leptin are driving them to pathologically store body fat and eat. Those other things are insulin directly acting on fat tissue, and blood nutrient fluxes, and inhibited fat oxidation at inappropriate times + inhibited glucose oxidation at inappropriate times.
              The fact a person with obesity can have leptin levels many times the normal level, yet still remain obese, and gain weight, does not mean they are leptin resistant, or that their leptin receptor is not working properly. This is an illogical conclusion, just as as much as to assume the fact heart failure continues to progress in spite of the diuretic BNP, means CHF is caused by BNP resistance."

              The Scribble Pad: Leptin resistance does not cause obesity.
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                Leptin resistance doesn't switch on and off depending on what you're eating. I'd suggest either you are sensitive to dairy and so crave it (I am casein intolerant and have that issue), or you are not getting enough fat.

                I am very unconvinced about leptin resistance. On a basic level, because I just woke up and it's Sunday lol, I just do not think it makes sense that there is a hormone that is designed to keep us lean. From what I know of the body, there are multiple pathways to get us to eat, and that is what our body is concerned with, for survival. We are also designed to "overreat" and store bodyfat in times of plenty. The problem is, we are in endless times of plenty, and plenty of junk food which triggers our reward signals in an unnatural way (just like drugs, porn, whatever) as well as messing with our bodies due to the high carb, crap fats and so on.

                I think we're designed to override leptin at least up to a point, in the sense that we are not designed to stay lean when food is super-plentiful. We don't even absolutely need to look into the biochem in any detail to know our bodies have common sense and that getting food is a much bigger concern than being thin. It could be said that being obese would be a hindrance for survival, and that is true, but in a natural environment we wouldn't have plentiful junk food so that wouldn't really be an issue.

                Of course the leptin reset helps, you get a good breakfast in which is very helpful in someone with a messed up, sugar-dependent metabolism, you eat low cabr, you don't snack all day long. It's not rocket science.

                Thanks for the link
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                  I see you don't agree with Dr. Kruse. I'm happy to see an opposing viewpoint.

                  What do you think of the Dr. Kruse Reset Diet?
                  1) Large Protein Breakfast. Large enough to prevent snacking from hunger during the day & within 1/2 hour of waking up
                  2) No Snacking EVER + No snacking after supper.
                  3) Eat coconut oil with each meal to help lose weight and prime the metabolism to burn fat
                  4) 25 carbs or less to help lose weight
                  5) Paleo diet for other meals.

                  Do you see this as being a good diet ? Does this improve Leptin Sensitivity?

                  PS) I just looked at your video, and you look REALLY good ! Lets go out for a romantic candle light dinner

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                    MalPaz didn't write that comment it was quoted from the link - Itsthewoo wrote it. MalPaz didn't make that clear by at least putting it in quotation marks or saying this is a quote from etc.....

                    Also I've read a few posts by MalPaz and that didn't sound like her.
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                      Clearly that is what MalPaz thinks, or she would not have quoted it. Who is "ItsTheWoo? " I seriously doubt that he is more qualified than Dr. Cruse to give medical opinions.

                      What do you think?



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                        Does Kruse pay you for these posts? The man is not a God, just a doctor. And that doesn't mean much in itself.


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                          I will repeat, Who is "ItsTheWoo? " and why is this person qualified to give any medical advice at all? I say he is a Wacko because he hides his identity and there is no way to view his qualifications. Be careful who you listen to because there is just too much BS out there.

                          Now here are Dr. Kruse qualifications.
                          About | Jack Kruse

                          Seriously, are you going to take medical advice from a No Name NUT JOB (itsthewoo) or a reputable doctor? Your health is on the line here, so be VERY CAREFUL.

                          I also follow Cardiologist Dr. Wm Davis, who has equally impressive qualifications:

                          Think about it,
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                            It's really bizarre how there's so much animosity towards doctors on this forum but somehow Kruse is exempted, even though he too exhibits an overbearing arrogance and conviction that he's always right, which is exactly what so many people seem to hate about doctors in the first place.


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                              Originally posted by marqueemoon View Post
                              It's really bizarre how there's so much animosity towards doctors on this forum but somehow Kruse is exempted, even though he too exhibits an overbearing arrogance and conviction that he's always right, which is exactly what so many people seem to hate about doctors in the first place.
                              I agree. It seems to be one extreme or the other. Demonization or worship.
                              I think Horsewoman put it the best. The LR is not rocket science. It is a sensible, low-carb eating plan that helps you resist snacking. Of course it works.