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  • how to handle slip-ups

    ok, things have been going great for a couple of months - I've been feeling terrific, and most of my terrible IBS symptoms have disappeared. (I already knew I was basically allergic to wheat, but it took a thorough reading of Primal Blueprint to get me to finally chuck all the grains entirely.) But, since I am 4 months pregnant, I have noticed I want (need?) more carbs than I did earlier in my pregnancy. I have added sweet potatoes and a little rice back in my diet (although rice doesn't really agree with me all that well) but this morning I walked in the store and bought a bagel and ate the whole thing. Yikes! I'm sure I'll feel crappy enough to deter future slip-ups, but I'm curious how you all handle, emotionally and physically, the aftermath of an insulin/carb fest to make sure that it doesn't happen regularly and you get back on track smoothly.

    (I do NOT intend to beat myself up about it, so no negative posts please. I really, really like that PB focuses on being positive, not tearing yourself down; I'm just curious how everyone individually stays on it after a slip-up. THANKS!)

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    You're right, don't beat yourself up. Just move on. make the next thing you punt in your mouth primal. You can't be perfect ALL the time a.) you're human b.) you're pregnant c.) live a little you'll never stick to anything if you expect 100% compliance 100% of the time

    (sorry about the typing, my baby is eating my fingers <3 )
    "I tried to call the nurse again, but she's bein' a little bitch....I think I'll get outta here." Pink


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      and congratulations, enjoy your pregnancy and your baby when he/she gets here!
      "I tried to call the nurse again, but she's bein' a little bitch....I think I'll get outta here." Pink


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        Do exactly what you did-don't stress over it and move on! Make the next meal primal and carry on as you normally would. I believe that an occasional slip-up is no big deal, unless you make a big deal out of it.
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          Considering I'm new, I may be of no help, but I think things like this is where that 80/20 rule comes into life! It may happen. As much as I have read and everyone seems to hate grains, etc, well, sometimes it may just happen.

          What I would advise as far as the "feelings" about it is next time, if it happens, try to eat some meat/protein after/with it!!! The protein and fat will help to slow down the spike in the insulin (I hope no one comes along and corrects me, but being a long time dieting person, I know for myself personally... when I do have that slip up... A) I do not "feel" it so bad if chased by fat/protein ... and B) It makes me feel like it is not the "end of the world" because I have already taken that step to get back on track!!!!

          Congrats on your pregnancy.... How exciting! I'm wanting another one but need to get about 200 pounds off, well I'll settle for 150 off!!! I refuse to give birth weigh above 370+ again, been there, did it twice and no thank you... next time I want a baby bump!!!! Sorry for the rant!