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Carbohydrate content of bourbon

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  • Carbohydrate content of bourbon

    i'm doing the leptin reset so i prob shouldnt even be looking at a bottle of bourbon but i was discussing very low carb diet and alcohol with someone today. i always thought spirits had carbs. i googled and find bourbon has zero carbs. so does whisky or bourbon without mixers in moderation fit with a low carb diet?

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    It is my understanding that ALL forms of alcohol turn to sugar immediately once consumed....If weightloss is your goal, I think it will be easier with a zero alcohol policy....


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      Alcohol is the fourth macro nutrient. The energy it gives gets burned before carbs, protein and fat because the body needs to get rid of it quick. The good thing is that the energy from alcohol you can't burn, you piss out. The bad news is that because alcohol gets burned first, basically any other calories you consume during drinking get stored as fat. And ofcourse that (to much) alcohol is poisones.

      Alcohol in moderation can surely fit in both a low carb and a healthy diet. Being smart about it and using moderation are the key things here though.


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        Not quite... Ethonol is first broken down to Acetaldehyde and then to acetate and then finaly CO2 and H2O. It does not at any step turn into a sugar.

        HOWERVER.. when ethonol is present in your system you liver stops the brakedown of lipids and carbs until the breakdown of ethanol is compleate.

        In other words.. it will give you a stall for a few hours but not knock you out of say ketosis if yu are in it.

        Enjoy in moderation


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          thankyou =) i always assumed alcohol broken down to sugar too.


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            You are most welcome... without scotch whiskey... this lifestyle would not be for me


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              shhhhh lol


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                Ahhh, for the love of a great single malt.

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