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just had my bloodwork come am really derailed

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  • just had my bloodwork come am really derailed

    hey guys,

    another topic to help me on. I have a low red blood cell count, low white blood cells (i am deficient in vitamins b12, folate, magnesium and zinc)
    I have high urea levels from constant caffiene (thermogenic use).

    steps i have taken:
    have invested in magnesium spray, zinc tablets, b12 supplement and weeding out caffiene as well as a milk thistle extract to clear out waste from kidneys from high protein intake and caffiene abuse.

    I am leanish as i have stated in other posts. 78kg 5 ft 11 Male 22 years old. 12-15% bodyfat.

    I still want to progress with my running career and still train like i posted in other threads and have found good kettlebell routines from mike mahler.

    Can anybody help me with sources of B12 other than organ meats and other things i can do to help reach aesthetic and performance gaols.
    Is there anything paleo wise i should not eat and should eat more of to help?

    Thanks again everyone for being an awesome community of primal/paleo help

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    Alternatively, study up on how it is obtained digestively. Something may be amiss there.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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        Sorry for my ignorance. Explain the thermogenic use of caffeine.


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          Aka Fat burner like hydroxycut etc


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            Drinking caffeine to raise body temperature and burn calories works for some people. My stress spikes and I do not lose any weight OD'ing on caffeine. Coconut oil is also thermogenic, and will not elevate cortisol the way caffeine does in some people AFAIK.
            Crohn's, doing SCD


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              Abuse has caused me homocysteine problems. Low RBC count and lowering my b12 and folate and bodies ability to break down protein efficiently at kidneys


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                How low were all your counts and levels? Can you post your labs?
                Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                  Abuse of caffeine? Have you stopped?


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                    Yeah today has been my first day so far. Didn't realize the seriousness of the results.


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                      Originally posted by glorth2 View Post
                      Abuse of caffeine? Have you stopped?


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                        Hey Runner,

                        Were you able to fix the situation? I'm a runner also and had my physical where my my RBC was low and can't seem to train as hard as I used to before Primal.


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                          You have some issues and it might not be fixed by supplementing with B12. That high BUN is not due to coffee but your protein consumption. You're not restricting protein because you're on a meatfest, so your BUN skyrockets. How did you get your Triglycerides to be that low? Has it been that low for a while?

                          Not only do you have low RBC with high MCV/H but low WBC, low platelets, low globulin and high LDH. You have high-liver enzymes for a guy that's supposed to be lean. Your long-term carbless diet probably also caused a drop in your globulin, which also means low immunoglobulins. You could have an immune-related blood disorder. I would go see a hematologist to rule out hemolytic anemia with antiglobulins and other blood disorders. Even if it isn't, you could have an immune issue that's directly related to your low RBC, WBC, platelets and also probably low reticulocytes.

                          This is a prototype of what a long-term very low carb diet will do to blood markers. Triglyceridemia. Low globulins. Leukopenia. Neutropenia. Lymphocytopenia. Potential thrombocytopenia. High BUN. And that's not including any hormone/adrenal problems you might have, like low T3, FT3, T, FT and high cortisol. You may have had a pre-existing issue but your diet probably worsened it significantly. I'd not wait for the next check up. Add some carbs (but that's not going to reverse anything at this stage).

                          Originally posted by runner_79 View Post
                          another topic to help me on. I have a low red blood cell count, low white blood cells (i am deficient in vitamins b12, folate, magnesium and zinc) I have high urea levels from constant caffiene (thermogenic use).
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                            My younger sister (not a runner!) suffers low blood count and needs B12 by injection up to 3 times weekly. She claims up the nose and under the tongue formulations leave her deficient. Now if only the 3-month drought of injectable B12 in Canada gets over before my bottle runs out!


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                              Hi hi, I'm like Runner_79 I think, years of abuse of Hydroxycut before I run, I find that it really gives me great energy!

                              I don't have low blood count, my problem as per blood test 2 years ago is super high cholesterol reading of above 300 in total, both HDL & LDL are high.

                              Can I still continue on my Hydroxycut before I run? Cos I can't stomach any form of food (have tried, even with 1 banana I get diarrhoea) except electrolyte water & black coffee in the morning before my run.....

                              Runner_79 seems years since your last post, just like to know how've you have been coping?

                              Cheers 😊