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Gout & Liver (Sorry, a rant more than a question!!!)

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  • Gout & Liver (Sorry, a rant more than a question!!!)

    So... pardon my rant!

    I tried beef liver for the first time last night. I found a great-looking recipe online, secured some grass fed liver & was proud of myself for cooking/trying it for the first time. It didn't taste wonderful (it was OK), but I ate it more for the nutritional content (particularly vitamin A) than taste.

    Anyway, I woke up this morning with a terrible (is there any other kind?) gout attack in my big toe. I've gotten them here before but not in at least a year (and I've only been primal for 3 months). Ugh!!!!

    I'm thinking the liver/gout must be related (although it's so hard to tell with gout) as I haven't changed anything else in my diet. Also, I guess it could be from losing a few pounds as that can release uric acid into the blood - I haven't been trying to loose weight but I have lost a tiny bit.

    I guess I will stick to cod liver oil instead of actual beef liver for a while... CLO is so expensive & not a whole food but oh well. And I'm drinking lots of water to hopefully flush things out sooner rather than later... I'll be bummed if this messes up my workout/play schedule.

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    Are you on any high blood pressure medicine? i was on a diuretic a couple years back and had gout until I stopped the diuretic.


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      You probably already know this, but black cherry juice helps with gout pain. I limit my liver to 1/4lb per week. It tastes good with a splash of worcesteshire sauce when cooking.


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        I doubt that the liver you ate had anything to do with the gout attack. Losing some weight releasing uric acid sounds much more likely. I think you're just looking for an excuse not to eat liver again.


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          Thanks... I did drink some black cherry juice (despite the high carb content!) so hopefully that will help! No blood pressure (or any other) medicines for me.


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            Taubes seems to think that a high-carbohydrate diet causes/exacerbates gout, but then Taubes thinks that carbohydrate is the root of all evil, so take that with a rock of tasty sea salt.
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              I have seen somewhere that excess fructose can cause gout flares as well.
              Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                I also see a fructose connection to my fiance's gout and no relation to red meat. However fructose and wine, yes.


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                  Yes, I've heard the fructose thing & it totally makes sense that fructose would cause gout. I haven't been eating much though, maybe one piece of fruit per day & a tiny amount of dark chocolate. No wine recently either.

                  I've read that organ meats can cause gout flare-ups... that's why I blamed the liver (as it was my first time ever eating it & first flare-up in forever). It's probably a combination of things, though. So hard to tell.


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                    There is a definite connection to a high-fructose intake and gout. Fructose is metabolized in the liver, winding up as uric acid. High Fructose Corn Syrup is of course the worst thing one can ingest if gout is a bane of one's life.

                    After having suffered from gout for 30 years, I have been gout-free for three years since having gone Primal/Carb-free/Fructose-free or however you wish to express it. Since fructose's end result is uric acid, once I stopped eating fructose either in fruit form or as the ubiquitous HFCS, gout is a thing of the past. My non-medical opinion is the gout attack was probably coincidental with the liver; you were going to awaken with the gouty toe whether or not you had eaten the liver. I eat liver, heart, chicken gizzards, etc., several times per week and have not been bothered by gout.

                    Also, in thirty years, I never had any luck with cherry juice. Remember, cherries contain fructose.
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