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Sub 50 g carb with no cheats -> What can I expect

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  • Sub 50 g carb with no cheats -> What can I expect

    Hi All,

    I made a bet with a coworker to see who could go longer. I have to eat less than 50 grams of carbs / day and he can't smoke any cigarettes. First one to crack loses.

    I'm 2.5 days in and feeling great(as expected), Just curious what I can expect if I keep this up for 4 weeks with no binging / 20% days.

    I have been off and on primal for a couple of years now.


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    You will:
    - switch into ketosis soon
    - initially drop a lot of water/carbs weight first week
    - gradually loose fat at steady pace afterward
    - have more energy
    - sleep better
    - start seeing improvements in any ailments you may have now
    - mental fog will disappear
    - crave carbs for the first 3 weeks
    - stop missing carbs later on
    - it may be too soon but all your vitals will start to get back to normal (sugar, pressure, HDL, LDL etc)

    Just a few from the top of my head.
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      Depends how much/what kind of exercise you're doing. If you conserve your glycogen you'll be alright.
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        You can expect to cheat. But I believe cigs are a much stronger addiction and he will crack first.

        All I can say is stick with it, cheating isn't the end of the lifestyle, just the end of the bet.


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          You'll probably feel just fine unless you try to lift really heavy weights or sprint more than a couple of times, in which case you'll bonk out because gluconeogenesis can't keep up with your glycogen demand. If you are overweight you might lose some, otherwise you'll probably stay the same or possibly drop some water weight. Shouldn't be that big a deal honestly.
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