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is this good or bad???

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  • is this good or bad???

    have just started using fitday and filled in what i atetoday nad this is the breakdown....

    is this good or bad???

    fat 63%
    carbs 16%
    protein 21%

    i filled in thepast 4 days and they are all about the same...min and max below...

    fat between 51% and 65%
    carbs between 16% and 35%
    protein between 19% and 29%

    cheers me dears! xxx

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    Almost exactly like mine!
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      It certainly doesn't freak me out, I tend to go for macros myself, not just percentages. I aim for 50-100g of carb, not quite 1g of protein per pound of lean body weight, and leave the rest up to fat. I don't even really track calories any more, I find that some days are very high, and some days are very low, it all evens out and as long as I feel good, have energy and keep dropping weight, I don't worry. If I lack energy or feel poorly, its usually because I've let carbs get out of whack - I'm either eating way too many because I've let sugar creep in, or not enough and I get craving-y, crabby and tired. Less than 50g carb, I feel not so great and weight comes off slower for me.
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        Looks fine to me. I would go a little higher protein if you are trying to put on muscle or are very active, but I don't see a problem. Fat % can be all over the place depending on your energy needs.
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          That where I generally fall when I log my calories.
          Pre-Primal SW: 161
          CW- 150
          Goal 120ish


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            When I was losing weight, I did about 45% each of fat and protein with only 10% carbs but only you can determine the "sweet spot " for you.


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              thank you x