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    Look, I am not ready to give up baked good and ice cream totally yet. Maybe I am in transition phase and eventually will get to the point where I can eliminate it completely, but for now, I crave a little dessert after dinner each night. Mostly, blueberries or apples and cinnamon will suffice or perhaps a piece (or two) of dark chocolate. But I have been finding these recipes for almond flour cakes/muffins/cookies and home made ice creams. They often use honey, agave nectar, xylitol, or stevia as a sweetener.

    So I have been doing a little testing. Sugar causes me to crave more sugar and when I eat dessert with sugar, I can't stop with one slice. I need another (and then my heart beats really fast and I get high and dizzy). I got the same cravings with splenda. Okay, splenda and sugar are out.

    So what about the rest (xylitol, honey, agave, and stevia)? From the above discussions, it seems agave is terrible. And honey is the same as HFCS. What about Stevia and Xylitol? I am kinda confused about how these artificial sweeteners affect insulin levels? Do they elevate insulin levels just like sugar? What happens when insulin levels elevate but there is no glucose (cuz it's fake glucose)? Are you still preventing your body from burning fat?

    I have read the "Truth about Truvia" post on MDA ( Is the liquid stevia that is found in the supplement section of the grocery store any better?

    Does Stevia cause more sugar cravings? What about xylitol?

    It is my goal to one day stop craving anything sweet ever again. I know that to do that I will have to tighten up and stop eating fruits and all sweet things. Sweet stuff causes more sugar cravings. I know. But until I am ready to take my primal diet to the next level, what is the safest crutch?