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Bad coconut oil?

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  • Bad coconut oil?

    Hi everyone! Greetings from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

    I've been here doing primal for six weeks now and love it! A couple of weeks ago, I came across my first sighting of coconut oil at a corner store that I go to. The brand is called C.P.C. and is from Malaysia. It comes in what looks like an aluminum container (or other material) and it only cost about 2.50 USD. In big bold letters it says "DOUBLE FILTERED PURE WHITE COCONUT OIL".

    So, this morning I opened it up and wanted to use it to cook my eggs. I poured it out and instead of crystal clear liquid, a light brown syrup colored oil came out; it also smelled different from coconut oil that I am used to.

    What's your take on it? Is this just bad coconut oil or simply another type that I'm not aware of? Not sure whether or not I should use it. If not, I'll resort back to heavenly ghee, loads of that stuff over here!


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    hey, hard to tell if its off or not without seeing (or tasting) it, but what i can for sure tell you is that i tried different types of coconut oil and they were always more or less white, never brown. solid or not depends on the temperature