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Confused on so many variations of paleo

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  • Confused on so many variations of paleo

    From what I've gathered this diet is supposed to be mimicking the "grok's" diet as closely as possible (whatever hunters and gatherer's ate). As I frequent several paleo/primal resources on the Internet I get a bit confused. There are people out there following this diet who do the following on the daily basis: drink coconut cream by the can fulls, melt sticks of butters into their food, consume insane amount of bacon every day, eat/drink coconut and olive oil by several table spoons per day (or shots). I just don't understand how such eating habits are primal in any way. Back in the day, a grok might have come across a coconut tree, pick a coconut, drink the water, eat the flash and call it a day. I just don't see how our ancestors had accessed to all this fat that people seem to be shoving down their throats in obscene amounts. I do not have fat phobia as a I realized that saturated fat does not cause hart disease, but I'm still a bit confused as to what is the right way to eat as there are just so many different primal/paleo variations that I read about. Some people don't even eat vegetables and this diet and argue that they are complete unnecessary.

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    Primal isn't necessarily about eating exactly what "Grok" ate. It is about eating in a way that agrees with out genetics and evolution. We can eat a modern diet that stays true to our design to burn fat for fuel. I think this blog post from Mark might be helpful for you: When Science Trumps Grok | Mark's Daily Apple

    Also, please note that what you can find some whackadoodle stuff on the forums, so you don't want to be getting your definitions here.
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      This diet is whatever you want it to be. I've seen many people on these forum with different interpretations.
      Do you want to eat EXACTLY how cavemen ate? Fire roast some venison and gather some berries.
      Do you want to supply your body with fuel we have evolved to utilise efficiently? Chug a can of coconut cream.
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        Different people are going to react to certain foods differently, and we have different needs too, so it's definitely not "one size fits all". You may need more carbs and I need more fat. You have to go with what is good for you.


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          Well, first of all anybody can post any nonsense they want in a forum. Read the PB and follow Mark's advice. That is the real deal.

          Second, anybody who thinks they don't need to eat veggies is is kidding themselves.

          Third, yes the fat consumption is over the top in many people around here and I think it is the reason behind a lot of failures to lose weight, I know it was with mine. I dialed back the fat and the weight came right off.

          We are not cavemen and, short of some global catastrophe, never will be. We can enjoy the fact that we don't have to climb up a tree and smash open a coconut. We just open a can. We have to match that intake of food however with some expenditure of energy to be really Grokian. One guy recently said he had cured his problem of overeating on nuts by buying them in the shell and extracting the good stuff with a rock. Less eating and more exercise.


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            It isn't what caveman ate or didn't eat - it's eating what is biologically appropriate and optimal for humans to eat.

            Read the Mark Sisson's "Primal Blueprint" and also Gary Taubes "Good Calories, Bad Calories" - also watch "Fathead: the Movie".
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              A lot of good answers here.

              My diet might be different than other's here, but it works for me and my situation. I'd recommend starting with the book(for say 6+ months) and then experimenting to find out what works for you. I'm one of those who pounds lots of fat(and carbs for that matter), *but* I'm not that old, am active most of the day every day, am healthy and aggressively(by primal standards) lift weights. Just avoiding gluten, excessive O6, excessive fructose, soy and nuts works *for me*. It took me a while to find that out. *For me* adding back in starches was huge- allowing me to drop the last bits of body fat I didn't want, giving me energy and improving my mood. Would doing the same work for you? No clue.
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                Wherever you live, eat what would be available without big business agriculture. Then decide what you personally want to add(supplement) to maximize health.


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                  Just do what Mark recommends for a while, see how it works for you, then adjust as needed. Ignore what others do, or claim to do (a good general rule for life, too, in case you're a wee youngster).
                  As for coconut, well, we didn't evolve eating ANY coconut, but it does seem like really healthy food. Some Polynesian cultures eat a ton of the stuff all the time.
                  If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                    The right way to eat is the one that results in vibrant health for YOU!
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                      Paleo/primal is indeed based upon what paleolithic man (Grok) ate, but we actually don't even know with much certainty what was actually eaten. And there were certainly many types of diets we were adapted to before the neolithic age. So it's usually a mixture of science, guesswork, and coming to a conclusion of how to emulate the best parts of the paleolithic lifestyle. No one diet is going to suit everyone; it's a journey you have to take to see what works best for you. Paleo and similar diets are what I'd consider a great starting point or baseline, so you can work from these, adding or subtracting certain foods and seeing how you handle them. Good luck!


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                        I was confused as much as you when I started out. I had read Cordaine's book and spent alot of time on Paleo Hacks website. Thing found Mark's site and Robb Wolf's site. Information overload. I just finished Mark's book and started Robb Wolf's. But for me, it really comes down to this.
                        1. Don't eat wheat
                        2. Don't eat sugar
                        3. Don't eat corn
                        4. Don't eat most things that have a bar code on it.
                        5. Try to eat the most natural version of what you are going to eat.
                        6. Don't eat seed oils (vegtable, corn, conola, soy)
                        7. Remember Mark's 80/20 rule.
                        8. Have fun with it.

                        I am two months into living Primal, I am off Insulin shots and I have lost almost 25 lbs. I am so much happier than before.... Oh yeah, don't go off the deep end and eat raw meat either.... One more last thing, I have been listening to Robb Wolf's POD cast (Mark is on serverl of them) one thing Robb said that I like "Don't turn the whole primal thing into a religion"
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                          That is exactly how I look at it. Great post! I would add that I pay more attention to grass fed and salmon than before, trying to up my omega 3s. Everything else...dairy, nuts, amount of carbs, etc. seems to be personal choice after that.