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Best Resources for Curing Carbohydrate Addiction?

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  • Best Resources for Curing Carbohydrate Addiction?

    Some of my earliest memories are of me sitting under a coffee table in my mother's office, eating what I thought were the most delightful candies in the world... turns out, they were just sugar cubes, for the coffee.

    Anyway, for my whole life, I've had a HUGE addiction to carbs. Just to be clear, I'm talking "eat gummy worms until you literally vomit" carb addiction. No joke. And I think this is related to my heavy drinking, as well.

    I've finally decided to face this head on. I've gone low carb for around 3 or 4 weeks, but I just felt miserable. But I think I just didn't push myself far enough. I think I need to go low carb for longer, like a couple months, to really see if I can break myself of this carb addiction. I also need to lose 30 or 40 pounds of fat.

    So, I've decided that, until New Years, NO CARBS (other than non-starchy veggies), NO BOOZE, and... NO CAFFEINE... It's going to suck.

    Anyway, I was wondering what the best resources were for this sort of thing. Are there any online articles that outline exactly what and what not to do when going Paleo low carb? Or maybe articles that are just inspiring (anything dealing with kicking alcohol along with carbs would be especially appreciated). I mean, I know the basics. I'm just going to eat meat and veggies, with some added fat. But I was hoping to find some apropo articles to help keep me motivated. Thanks in advance.

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    Not ever having had a carb addiction myself, I can't say that I understand it at all. There have been several people report that they have cured what were horrible carb addictions using the Leptin Reset program as set out by Dr. Kruse. You might look up the journal of Mama Grok. She springs to mind as a wonderful example.

    I wish you well. You can do it.


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      Best of luck! Your sugar cube story cracked me up! I remember eating those as a child too... my bother & I would take them from the cabinet when my parents were out of site.


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        I had serious carb addiction. Nowadays, it only rears it's ugly head once in a blue moon. Before, I used to sneak around my family after dinner and eat leftover plain rice straight from the pot.

        My tip is to have LOTS of fat. You'll be surprised how much energy USE to come from carbs.
        I didn't get enough calories a day for a while without some high-fat sources such as avacados. The last thing you need is to get tired and weak from a lack of calories, then end up binge-ing for comfort's sake.
        There aren't many problems in life that can't be solved by sleeping it off, or adding more butter.


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          It sounds like you have a SUGAR addiction. Specially with the alcohol, which turns to sugar in your system. I was able to kick my LIFELONG sugar addiction by doing a Whole 30. It seems like it only took a week or 2 to completely cure myself of all sugar cravings. Now I'm back on regular PB and loving it, feeling no deprivation whatsoever.

          If I can kick a sugar addiction, anyone can. Seriously, I was raised on Hostess cupcakes, ice cream, and sugar cubes (the brown sugar ones are the best!)

          Here is a link to the Whole 30 site, you dont have to buy the book. They tell you everything to do. Good luck!

          The Whole30, Version 4.0 | Whole9 | Let us change your life.


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            I just have to say that I really identify with the eating gummy worms until you puke thing. Gummy candies have always been my favorite poison. I've not gone LC or ZC yet, I'm still in the planning stages but if you start a journal I will follow it. I've never had much long term success not drinking. I wouldn't say I'm an alcoholic because I don't need to drink, but I enjoy wine, beer, and particularly vodka martinis a few nights a week. And I think that because I don't perceive my drinking as problematic that is the reason I don't quit 100%. Even when I'm low carbing I plan to still drink red wine and vodka in moderation.


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              For me, it took my doctor pointing out that if I don't do anything about my diabetes, obesity, hypertension...etc at the age of 36, I will probably not live to see my children graduate college.

              That woke me up good.

              I half assed the paleo lifestyle for the first 2 years. Basically cut sugar/starches by 50% and didn't worry about stuff like transfats or artificial sweeteners. Got some results (lost 50 lbs). Then decided to get serious. Got really strict about the diet and exercise.

              Another 2 years and 50lbs later, I have a 6-pack, no sign of diabetes, have a calcium score of 0, feel/look freaking great despite being the oldest I've been.

              I think you just have to decide to do it. Suffer through the initial months of adaptation, and when you see yourself looking and feeling better than you ever have, it will become really easy.

              PS. Your taste buds will change. Trust me. I used to eat whole chocolate cakes and tubs of ice cream at a time. Now, those things disgust me in terms of taste. They taste like chemicals. You will learn how real food actually tastes like, develop positive associations to them, and adjust your perception.
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                I can eat so many M&Ms that I have to curl up my legs due to stomach pains, so I know the feeling. Carbs are my cocaine.

                Just checked out Whole 30. I'm in. No excuses. Thirty days starting now.