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  • A Middle Ground??

    I have found balance and weight loss eating fruit for breakfast, fruit and goat cheese at lunch, and a huge salad with wild caught fish for dinner. I also do a water fast once a week. My caloric intake is between 1700-1900 calories. Whenever I eat cooked chicken or turkey I instantly feel sleepy, sluggish, constipated, and worst of all I have horrific nightmares! I need to customize my diet without including animal protein. I always feel so light, alert, clear headed when eating fruit during the day and by evening crave my satiating fatty fish or goat cheese and my delicious huge salads sometimes with a sweet potato for a "heavier" warming meal in cold weather. Any recommendations are most welcome!
    I am a 5'8" female, still overweight but losing fat every day!

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    Interesting, I used to experience nightmares after eating meat. that was about 5years ago. but, i reckon it was because it wasn't all-natural pasture meat. After not eating meat for that long and eating it now, I'm not experiencing nightmares. Thank goodness!

    I'd say stick with what works for you that's great you do a water fast