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what is a soft boiled egg?

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  • what is a soft boiled egg?

    i thought it was an egg cracked fresh and dumped into a pot of water with vinegar, and then you bring it to a boil.

    in this method you do not get a hard egg, but a solid jelly-like egg that is delicious.

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    What you're talking about is a poached egg. yum! not sure how to soft boil an egg, but i think it's still in the shell


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      Yep -- that's a poached egg, which has basically the same consistency as a soft-boiled egg. To soft boil an egg, just boil-- or better, simmer it as you would a hard-boiled egg, in the shell, for about 4 minutes. Be careful cracking the shell -- I often burn my fingers a bit. Or you can use an egg cup and there are even slicers for taking the "cap" off the shell, and then you eat it from the top down with a small spoon.
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        It's a hard boiled egg with liquid yolk. Pretty hard to get right in my experience, but always what I try to aim for.


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          ah, interesting

          so a soft boil is a shortened hard boil?


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            for this i love my egg-cooker, it makes just the perfect soft boiled eggs ever... hmmmm....

            and thats how it looks like:


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              Put the egg in a pot of water, bring to a boil and simmer for +/- 3 minutes. Crack the top off and eat with a spoon. Yum.
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                i cannot wait to soft boil an egg, you guys really got me up for it


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                  It can be done w/ the water already simmering, a "dropped egg."
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                    you want yum?? try coddled eggs!

                    I use a jelly jar with the canning lid.

                    Grease/butter/spray jar, drop 2 eggs in jar with butter
                    place lid on but make sure you do not tighten super tight
                    place jar in boiling water for 5 minutes-make sure water covers lid (careful taking it out- its hotter than hell)

                    You can experiment adding herbs and other ingredients before cooking.

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                      Boiled eggs - soft boiled, medium boiled, hard boiled - are cooked in the shell. Poached eggs, shirred eggs, coddled eggs, etc. are cooked with the shell removed.


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                        You guys.... making me CRAVE soft boiled eggs!!


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                          I love soft boiled eggs, but always had them on toast with Marmite. Since going primal, I haven't figured out a good substitute, so I really don't eat them any more and leave them go till they are hard boiled. Bacon is just not the same for getting all that runny yolk.
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                            god i luv poached eggs! I'm a hopeless failure at doing it so they are like a luxury to me. My mother used to do them with some kind of mold so i'm afraid to even try doing the old school way. I've only seen it done on TV.


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                              It's a hard boiled egg with liquid yolk
                              Boil an egg in its shell. If you boil it long enough the yolk goes hard. That is a 'hard boiled egg'. If you boil it for less time the white goes hard but the yolk remains liquid. That is a 'soft boiled egg'.

                              In olden CW days when people ate bread the reason for making a soft boiled egg was so that you could dip thin slices of toast (called 'soldiers') into the open top of the egg and scoop out the yolk on the toast. Post PB and thus post toast, you now have to use a small spoon to scoop the yolk out, though you could improvise with a well crisped, firm rasher of bacon.

                              During this procedure the egg is held, cut end up, in a small container called an 'eggcup'.
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