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  • Tummy issues

    I want to get my husband on board with this diet, and so far he seems like he's ready to try it. The only problem we're facing is he has major intestinal issues when he eats meat. It usually happens when he eats too much meat in one meal, but we've yet to figure out exactly how much is too much. Because of his intestinal issues with meat he's hesitant to start the diet. I'm wondering if he's reacting to meat this way because of all the damage his body has gone through with carbs. Is this something we should try regardless of the tummy issues or should he just stick to what he's doing. I'm already on board 100% and I know he'd feel awesome if he was too. Any suggestions?

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    Give it a try and see how it goes. Could just be his body is as you said, damaged from a bad diet, and after some time he will adapt and will get to indulge in the treat that is meat! The worst that can happen is he stays where he's at, with some discomfort for a little bit. Is it fatty meat or all meat?


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      It's any meat, fatty or not. Fish, chicken, beef, pork, you name all causes issues for him. Normally he eats a small portion and doesn't have an issue, but to get the recommended amount of protein in he'll have to eat larger portions that will cause issues.


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        eat meat until it doesn't bother him

        some things are worth suffering for


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          Dear Erin,
          I had issues for a few months with lots of food and it sounds like his digestion is messed up. I recommend that he eats slow and chews the meat in his mouth until it is a paste. He basically will reeducate the body on how to eat and activate the digestion in the mouth before he even swallows it .Do not rush the process, take as much time as he needs, and then eats until he feels he can eat no more. The body is amazing piece of equipment but when things are not okay you have to heal it first. I basically recovered mine with this practice for several months. I also ate smaller meals and supplement with protein shake in the morning as I could not stomach food in the morning hours. I know what some people will say that you should not snack and eat lots at one sitting but not all people feel good eating this way. Lots of good yogurt (homemade) or take a supplement probiotics for restoring the stomach as well. If you add a protein shake to your daily intake it will help him make his goal but becareful to buy a good quality version and use water with it. Make a food journal and record all food, mood, and strange reactions as you will find patterns to what has actually caused his digestion problem. Water (room temp not cold) is good but do not overload at the meal or it will hinder the digestion and cause problems. I hope this helps you on your way.


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            Sounds like a messed-up digestive system. Read for lots of helpful information. I agree with Tarna, he needs to take probiotics, but read the site to see if you can recognize the digestion-related issues he is having.
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