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Progress to date and recent set back - Feedback please

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  • Progress to date and recent set back - Feedback please

    Hi all,

    Im a little addicted to these forums but im not a poster... however in the interest of losing motivation or berating/questioning myself all day/week thought I would see if anyone else can talk some sense into me, give guidance or if your of my school of thought tell me off...

    So ive been on primal for 5 weeks, I lost 4kgs in the first 3 weeks (pretty much 100% primal in that time) - for me i can always achieve that when just on a low cal diet but did notice where the weight went from was better and I feel great. So yep im offically liking primal. Then I had a bad week - now definition of bad week was not my old self bad at all, but yep once a day for 3 days I had a not perfect primal meal and was drinking (I was away with friends for my bday - and nope dont regret it) so anyway in that week I gained a kilo and a bit (dont believe I consumed enough excess calories to gain a kilo in the conventional sense but again need to stop thinking in the conventional sense)....

    Now I get it its just a kilo BUT then when I got back over the last week have gone back to my former good primal self even kept my carbs extra low the last few days 25gr and nope that kg isnt moving. I know im probably obsessing over the scales but I also know that I dont want to make excuses and not be making progress. Im pre-empting that people are about to tell me - stop focusing on the scales, take the long term view etc, however I really want to make sure this blip doesnt un-do me or turn into weeks of no progress (I have goals haha)...

    So if I can give everyone my stats would appreciate any comments/feedback

    Female 29
    start weight 85.7kg
    current weight 82.7kg
    Eat 50-60g of carbs per day usually (however last few days 25g)
    Have been doing about 3-5hrs walking
    Kettlebells or WOD 2 times per week
    1 tabatah sprints session per week
    I am still tracking on livestrong so macro's are:
    Ave Cals per day between 1000-1400 (this is not me calorie restricting its where I seem to naturally come to)
    Ave Macros's
    Protein 20-25%
    Fat 60-65%%
    Carbs 15%ish

    Oh also question about protein - how many grams should I be eating a day (I range between 70-100g) is that enough/right??

    Dont eat nuts often, still have moderate dairy

    So thats all I can think of - sorry for the long post... would love to feedback