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  • Audrey Hepburn Ultimate Collection 20 The Closer NCIS Mike & Molly Project

    Audrey Hepburn Ultimate Collection 20 DVD responsible for many of Hepburn's outfits in the film. Initially disappointed, Givenchy noted that, upon being told that the actress would be"Miss Hepburn," he had expected Katharine Hepburn. When faced with this actress, he told Hepburn he had little time to spare. Nevertheless, she knew exactly how she wanted to look and asked to view his latest collection.[31] Their collaboration in Sabrina developed into a life-long friendship and partnership; she was often a muse for many of his designs and her style became renowned internationally. The Closer Season 6 DVD During the Christmas road trip from hell Brenda must make some tough choices to get a confession from her suspect, but the consequences are more than she bargained for. NCIS Season 8 DVD Gibbs is forced to dig into the past when a murder of a Marine and his two friends turns out to be linked to his team. Meanwhile, Gibbs faces a tough challenge as he holds Ziva's fate in his hands. Mike & Molly Season 1 DVD Mike and Carl are annoyed by each other after working too many double shifts together.
    Project Runway Seasons 1-8 DVD The designers are hemmed in by the politics of fashion when they delve into American sportswear. Actress January Jones is the guest judge

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