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Cottage cheese or sausage for a quick dose of morning protein?

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  • Cottage cheese or sausage for a quick dose of morning protein?

    Tomorrow I'm travelling early and can't cook breakfast, so at the supermarket today I decided to get some cottage cheese for breakfast, as I worked out today so wanted some protein. Then I thought that I didn't want to get my protein from casein, so I got an organic, 92% meat sausage with no gluten, and minimal ingredients instead (I'm in Germany, the varieties are endless).

    What do you guys think? What is a better option? Whenever I eat cheese I always feel like Grok wouldn't like it, and I always feel a bit weird after eating cheese (could be psychological?). Sausage isn't the best option either, as it's processed and has small amounts of non-ideal ingredients (this one has honey, maltodextrin and raw cane sugar, 0,9g/100g carbs).

    Advice appreciated!
    Grok on

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    I think you do the best you can when traveling.
    It seems to me that the cottage cheese is better as the sausage has three kinds of sugar in it and a lot of carbs!
    Just apply the 80/20 rule when travelling and don't stress too much cause you'll raise your cortisol!
    Enjoy your trip!


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      I know which one is tastier.


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        The sugar in the sausage is not even worth thinking about unless your body is royally messed up.
        You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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          you could always skip breakfast.

          but if not, i'd go with the sounds like a good one, and grumpy caveman is right about not worrying about the sugar. stick with the yummy.


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            Not even 1% of sugar? Don't worry about it!


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              So there is roughly 3g of carbohydrate per pound of sausage. There is roughly 3g of carbohydrate per half cup of cottage cheese. At these levels, carb count is moot.

              Check the label on the cottage cheese. Nearly every brand has "modified food starch" included and it doubles the carb count. The best cottage cheese I've found is 2% milkfat from Friendship brand. It has NO additives - no whey, no modified food starch, no gums, etc. It's just cultured milk, cream and salt. The taste is totally different than all other brands, too - MUCH better. If you can find this brand, go for this over the sausage IMO. It's a better quality protein. But honestly, I'd rather have a big tub of Greek yogurt given the option.
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