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Where do I get my iron from?

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  • Where do I get my iron from?

    Hello all!

    Since I am still new to the primal lifestyle I wanted to know where you veterans get your iron from? I don't want to get it from cereal sinec it's a grain and when I read labels for foods that we eat that are primal, I see very little iron in them. Example:

    Eggs=4% iron
    lunch meats=6% iron

    So I am wondering where to get my iron from? Any information would be appreciated.


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    Liver and other organ meats are a great source of iron!
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      I know beef & other red meats are great sources of iron. Poultry contains some, but mostly in the dark meat. Shellfish are a good source as well. Most protein sources contain at least some, as do all sorts of veggies. Spinach is high, tomatoes have some, etc...

      Really, primal eating with adequate protein and a variety of vegetables should provide plenty of iron without the need for cereals & such (which are fortified with iron anyways)
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        You can also cook in cast-iron. Some iron gets picked up that way, apparently.
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          Originally posted by VeloCity.X View Post
          You can also cook in cast-iron. Some iron gets picked up that way, apparently.
          VERY true! During both of my pregnancies, the OB/Gyn was amazed that my hematocrit didn't drop significantly although I wasn't taking any supplements (and had an extremely SAD diet) -- proof that always cooking in cast iron can keep yours stable.

          If you're really worried, though, you can always supplement.

          (Lunch meats? Please tell me you're speaking of roast beef or turkey, etc. that hasn't been 'Frankensteined' by Oscar Mayer!)
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            Welcome! I cook almost everything in cast-iron, and don't worry about it.

            Do you have a specific reason to be concerned about your iron levels?
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              pumpkin seeds are high in iron--and very yummy. throw some on salad