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Fermented coconut water...or just putrid?

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  • Fermented coconut water...or just putrid?

    Hey kiddos -
    So I've been a big fan of Coconut water. Lucky for me, I can get fresh coconuts where I live, so I just drink it straight from. Maybe a little carby but au natural and super good natural rehydrator.

    Anyways, have had some in my fridge for a while from my last coconut. Just took it out to drink and it kind of has an alcoholicy taste. I know coconut has a lot of natural bacteria in it (know, or think at least) so I'm wondering...

    Has this water gone bad or has it just fermented and maybe is even better for me now and somewhat alcoholicy?

    Thanks in advance

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    OH! That one is bad. Do not drink.

    When you open up the top and its a mauve color = it's gone bad. It also has that nasty smell you're describing.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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      It's not mauve, still opaque and delicious looking, but maybe I will just toss it to be safe. My bf makes coconut wine so I thought maybe this was just part of the process...but yea, I think it belongs in the trash


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        People drink coconut kiefer - I'm not sure if there's special techniques to making it, though.