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sleep issues...thoughts ideas?

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  • sleep issues...thoughts ideas?

    ive had sleep issues for years and its possible im being a little impatient but i really see no improvement with paleo eating...i try to keep lights off and all electronics off near bedtime and my room is pitch dark as well but its just not working..anytime i go to sleep around 10 ish im just too restless no matter how tired i feel and i always wake up like 3 hrs later and im restless the rest of the night...i spent alot of time when i was younger either staying up late with games or doing night shift work..and ive noticed that anytime i stay up relatively late like 12-1 and wake up around 8 i just feeel BETTER! and the more light i have on the quicker i get sleepy..i know about the whole circadian rhythm dark is good etc.. but damn should i just toss it aside..i mean this is modern times lol

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    I had really good results for my former insomnia (frequent waking) with acupuncture. They really differentiate the many underlying causes and treat your individual case.


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      Originally posted by primalTatoolover View Post
      ive noticed that anytime i stay up relatively late like 12-1 and wake up around 8 i just feeel BETTER!
      Is there a reason you can't sleep that way now? I think the point is to get better sleep for those of us who *don't* sleep well. If you were sleeping well by staying up late and playing video games (or whatever) then I wouldn't change it. Especially since you don't sleep as well when you go to sleep earlier. But that's just my opinion as someone who has dealt with insomnia issues for decades. I wouldn't screw with what's working!


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        ya those were my thoughts..i dont know you just hear so much about going to bed early and going with the natural circadian rhythm so much it just kind of got to me..i thought if i forced myself to sleep at that time id eventually adapt to it but yeah..epic fail lol ill try to just sleep when i feel the need to sleep and fudge it all! thanks