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Traveling to the land of beer and chocolate...

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  • Traveling to the land of beer and chocolate...

    Hubby and I are traveling to Belgium in 10 days. I am looking forward to it, and don't want to stray too far off of my Primal lifestyle, but don't want to be a pain in the ass about it either. We are going to stay in Brussels, Ghent and Bruges.

    Overall, I think Europeans eat better than Americans, as far as foods being whole, but what do I need to watch out for? We will be doing lots of walking, but we will also being doing lots of eating, LOL.

    I know I want to have Mussels and Frites at least once (I'll probably only have a couple of the frites--hopefully it won't be considered rude there). Does anyone know what they cook their frites in? And as far as chocolate, what are my best choices? Obviously, dark, but is there anything else about Belgian chocolate I should know? And, of course, I will be sampling some fine Belgian beer.

    I plan to indulge in the above in moderation, so, what are some really good choices for an American Primal in Belgium?
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    Mmmm I loved it last year when I was studying abroad in Europe and I went to Brussels for the first time.

    To be honest, most people on this forum are going to tell you to enjoy yourself without worrying about what you eat because it's not like you're going to eat this every day.

    That being said, when I was in Belgium, I ate dark chocolate for pretty much all my meals. Except the one quarter waffle I had with my friend (honestly, they're not even THAT good...), and seafood. I would suggest hitting up Leonidas, because that is hands down one of the best brands of truffle chocolates. Neuhas and Wittamer are also great brands. You should also definitely try the European version of hot chocolate - they sell these spoons with a block of chocolate on them, and you're supposed to pour warm milk into a cup, and gradually stir that spoon of chocolate comforting especially when it's cold outside
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      Remember to have a wonderful time and don't sweat the food.


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        I like the idea of eating dark chocolate for every meal. That and mussels and cheese is my idea of heaven.


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          Thanks, everyone, LOL, I won't sweat it. However, last night in a bit of vacation "foreplay", hubby and I went to a Belgian restaurant here in Houston where I had Mussels and Frites and two tiny scoops of ice cream in some hot coffee for dessert. I ate every single mussel in the pot (it was huge, but they were amazing large mussels cooked perfectly ala mariniere and I couldn't let any go to waste), ate a few of the frites (delicious), had a small bite of french bread and butter and two beers.

          I've been about 80-90% Primal for several months and after this meal, I can say that I didn't feel sick, but just "odd" (a bit lethargic and just some other feeling of not being quite well) and stuffed. I guess it must have been the sugar spike I'm no longer used to, but probably used to feel normal to me. It was a good lesson for me that even a few extra carbs can bring that feeling on, so while I don't plan to be crazy in Belgium about oils and a bit of bread, beer or chocolate here and there, I also don't want to feel tired. I want to be able to do all the walking and stair climbing I will be doing and enjoying the sights that don't revolve around food.

          Glad we decided to experience a little Belgium in Houston before we went, so now I know what to expect as far as how I feel when I indulge.