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Different types of Yogurt?

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  • Different types of Yogurt?

    Is it possible that different types of yogurt would cause different reactions? I've been eating Primally for about 40 days now and things are going great. I have a lot more energy, but I'm finding that I have a bad reaction to a lot of things, especially nuts and avocados. In addition, I can't eat some fruit because of the reaction I get (I believe this is Oral Allergy Syndrome).

    Regardless, I've never had a problem with dairy. Within the past 40 days, I had yogurt and milk and butter and have never felt bad..but about 15 minutes ago I ate some Yogurt (didn't mention fat percentage number but the only ingredient was from cow's milk, so I believe that is whole) and I'm cringing in pain right now. I'm confused because a couple of days ago I had some 10% Fat Yogurt and I was fine. What gives? Is this an allergic reaction?

    I remember reading that once you go primal if you ween certain things out of your diet and then reintroduce them in 30 days then you'll find out what your true reaction is. I know that I'm better off without dairy anyways, but just confused on how a couple days ago it was fine and now it isn't.

    Also..I'm trying to gain weight & muscle so I was hoping not to have to cut out the 'non-necessities', but if I need to cut out dairy I obviously will (I haven't been drinking milk though).

    While I'm on that it bad to eat sweet potatoes daily since I'm trying to gain weight? I should be aiming for 100-150 carbs per day with my bodyweight in protein, correct?

    Thanks everyone!
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