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fat sources...grass fed fat or conventional? worries

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  • fat sources...grass fed fat or conventional? worries

    i want to up my animal fats in my diet but unfortunately grass fed is unavailable here..ive started by eating 5 strips of bacon every morning and im looking around for beef tallow and lard sources in stores(i think theres duck fat too) but im worried that because its not grass fed im going to screw up my n-6 ratio..should i be worried? or should i just up my fish oil dosage a bit and screw it..i really want to get these in because now its just olive oil for mono and coconut oil..i have no long chain saturated fats except the bacon and from what i understand those are the real energy kickers...i also hate only having olive oil as my mono source! animal fats just have that perfect balance! thoughts?

    ive thought of eventually adding eggs and goats milk on work out days but i have digestive issues so im unsure about it..

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    I wouldn't use anything that's hydrogenated, which most store-bought lards/tallows will be.

    If you can get fat from local sources that may not be grass-fed, but you know there's nothing in them besides fat, then I would go with that option and just add fish oil.

    If you can't find anything locally, try places like US Wellness which will ship you fat/tallow. It is a tad pricey.

    But stay away from store-bought hydrogenated junk.