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    Originally posted by lexsi340 View Post
    Quick side-note on the mixing of carbs thing... I've heard raw-vegan types/people in this forum talk about fat in the presence of carbs as a negative, but I do recall whoever wrote South Beach Diet saying it was actually BETTER to mix fat with carbs because it slows absorption of the carbs/lightens the insulin load. Any truth to the latter?
    I tend to actually side with the vegans on this one. Palmitic acid (found in most saturated fats) causes temporary insulin resistance. Carbs + insulin resistance is a bad thing.

    Context matters though. I don't think a small/medium potato with butter is anything to worry about. A huge pile of mashed potatoes covered in butter is probably not such a good idea. Also, a large amount of starch post-workout (think Leangains) can be a good thing. A large amount of starch 3-5 times a day is not so good (Acute insulin spike versus chronic insulin elevation).


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      Originally posted by June View Post
      Try counting for a day.

      I bet you eat more carbs than you think


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        Just a general comment here. I really think you have to eat based on how you feel, not what the books say. Every body is different.

        I recently got into squash (butternut and spaghetti squash) and sweet potatoes occasionally b/c of the season. I don't like it so much. I prefer how I feel when I eat meat, veggies, berries and granny smith apples. Boring, but feels good


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          I eat similar to you, very low carb. I say if it's not broke don't fix it!

          Once in a blue moon, I will eat high carb, you know all the junkie stuff (pizza, beer, fries, chocolate), then I jump back on track.