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Cutting vs (what's the opposite of cutting?)

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  • Cutting vs (what's the opposite of cutting?)

    Big goal of the year was to drop the weight I'd put on over the last 10 years at a desk.
    Did that. Not at 10% bodyfat or anything yet, but have the outlines of abs, and went from a size 36 waist to a 28.

    Still want the 6 pack that I don't quite have yet.

    But also want to start putting on muscle.

    Everyone seems to say that you can't do both at once.

    What should I be doing? Keep cutting till I get a legit 6 pack? (swear, it feels like it'll never happen)

    Alternate slimming down and start adding some muscle? How do you know how long to alternate those periods? Don't really see anything about that in PB.

    Any suggestions? Or suggestions about great resources? Found over the weekend, but the website is slightly terrifying.

    Also reached out for a consultation with Martin Berkhan (am sure the guy's super busy, I don't really expect him to get back to me)

    Against my better judgment, I've linked to a current pic, because sadly, am frustrated and value the advice here more then my decency apparently.

    Thanks so much for any advice, as always.
    It's very much appreciated.

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    The opposite of cutting is bulking. Traditionally, bodybuilders that are serious about these cycles go real hard in either direction. They pack on the weight to bulk and usually just are more active in a cardio sort of way to lose the excess body fat when cutting.

    Getting really lean definitely takes longer than bulking. Bulking is definitely easier as eating a lot and not doing too much is much easier than moving a lot and holding yourself to a certain amount of food per day.

    What's your current routine like? Try to imitate the Leangains approach especially if you would consider seriously working with Martin. Heavy squats/deadlifts, OHP, chins, etc and some sprinting should cut you up and learning how to time your foods and stuff will keep you with muscle. You may find that as you lose more around the midsection your desire to get bigger will stop. I thought I wanted bigger arms but now that my waist is getting a little smaller (very slowly) I don't think that way anymore.
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      The two best ways I've found are by Martin Berkhan's method on Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health or Lyle McDonald's Ultimate Diet 2.0 on

      I am doing the UD2 right now and it is much more effective than Martin's method. It's also much more demanding and much more extreme. If you're looking to cut the last bit of body fat in the next 6-12 weeks while maintaining or even building muscle, look into the UD2. If you want to see the results by summer 2012, Martin's methods should get you there.

      It's very possible to put on muscle and lose fat at the same time. You have to essentially go through anabolic and catabolic phases. However, I've only really found it possible on a low fat diet. You would have to eat low fat, low carb and very low calorie the first half of your week and burn through your glycogen stores with high repetition, high intensity full body exercises. After that, you spend the second half of your week eating large quantities of carbohydrate and protein, but still low fat while lifting heavy weights for low repetitions full-body style. Essentially, you take in lots of calories and protein, the carbohydrates upregulate your metabolism, boost insulin and leptin, but go to glycogen instead of fat storage while the protein goes into muscle building and repair. The only thing to get stored as fat in the process is, well, dietary fat, so you have to cut that low. You also need to know what your max carbohydrate load is so you don't overfill your glycogen and spill over into fat. I eat around 1,200 - 1,300g of carbohydrate from Fri-Sun and probably 500g of protein with maybe 150-200g of fat total. It's not exactly fun, but it's working better than any method I've tried so far.
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        Thanks guys. Honestly torn between the UD2 cyclical ketogenic refeed protocol and the Berkhanian targetted ketogenic diet (or did I get those reversed?).
        Tried a couple of weekends "refeeding", and generally felt crappier and didn't have the losses I wanted to have.

        Feel like I'm doing a LOT of screwing around, without a clear plan.

        Maybe worth really looking into the UD2.

        [Wish the book was available on electronic devices-pretty sure my wife will kill me if she sees this textbook- she's convinced all the dieting is completely insane, as it is!]

        Probably going to try the reverse pyramids and the exercises recommended.
        Really time to stop being so all over the map, you know?