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Eating carbs before IF?

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  • Eating carbs before IF?

    I've been trying to IF, for at least 12 hours, 2x per week (usually wed & sat). Recently I decided to try and add more vegetables and some fruits to my diet (No carb to VLC). For example, I had this for breakfast:

    4 eggs

    1 tbsp coconut oil

    1/2 cup bellpeppers

    1/3 cup blueberries

    1/2 cup spinach

    1/2 cup cottage cheese

    (usually I just eat the eggs & oil). Fitday quoted me ~16g carbs for the meal)

    Anyways, I actually feel HUNGRY at the moment (around 9 hours into fast), whereby usually I'm okay...maybe a little "light" feeling, but not starving. Is this due to the added carbs I had?

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    I tend to notice I feel hungrier sooner after eating fruits and veggies than I do eating just meats and fats. IFing after eating fruits and veggies isn't impossible, but it is easier (for me at least) to if after a meaty meal.


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      I totally agree w/ this. My plan for now and the future is, esp. when IFing, go very low carb in the meal prior to it (even no carb if possible). And my diet typically is not very low carb, (I stay between 100-150g usually), but prior to fasting (which I've just started doing) very low carb feels best, and I last far longer w/out feeling hungry.


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        I doubt it. I eat 150 grams of carbs and IF 20 hours after it. I think that the carbs actually help. Come on now, 16 grams is close to nothing.

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          Lol - true, it is close to nothing...

          But, I haven&#39;t really had carbs for about 2 months now (I only had leafy veggies during lunch), and only recently started to try out IF&#39;ing. Haha - actually its the first time I&#39;ve had fruits in 2 months. I guess I been reading too much "low carb" websites; kind of gets you to worry about some stuff.