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    What's the best way to roast small (very small) amounts?

    I'm trying to incorporate one brazilnut every few days (isn't that one of the guidelines) and am trying to figure out the best way to do it. I bought them raw in bulk and am keeping them in the fridge for now. Last night I roasted one single little nut for 5 minutes as my chicken was baking.

    Cool? Not cool?

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    it is absolutely cool to roast a single nut


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      I'm curious about why you want to roast your nut(s). Heating/roasting nuts can cause rancidity of the omega-6 oils they contain; raw and soaked is the way to go, if you're going to eat nuts. Here are a couple of relevant MDA posts:

      Soaking Seeds and Nuts | Mark's Daily Apple

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        Shoot, hadn't seen those before.

        I thought roasting them was good to get rid of antinutrients...

        Guess I will be soaking!!!


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          Can I just eat one a day raw?


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            yes, you can do this


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              Most nuts you can buy that claim to be "Raw" on the package are not truly raw, they steam pasteurize them and yet they still consider them raw. I found this out when I bought bags of raw almonds in which i soaked and slow dry roasted. The almonds turned black and rancid before they were even done roasting because they were not truly raw to begin with. Do some research on the nuts you bought to see if they are truly raw, if they turn black and rancid when you roast them, then they were not raw to begin with and should not be eaten.
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