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Help with nutrition - successful paleo women - advice please!

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  • Help with nutrition - successful paleo women - advice please!

    i've been primal now since february of this year, but , mainly due to my partner, i have dwindled from it, cheating more.
    i'm not happy with the way i look anymore, i'm 5 foot and about 8 stone 12 (124lbs).

    i would love to know from any successful paleo women what your nutirtion success has been, what does a normal day look like? what tips do you have for fat loss?

    thank you

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    I'm 5'1 and what helped was eating paleo and fasting for 24hrs/day 2 times a week. On the non-fasting days, I ate 3 meals a day. Weight trained 5 or 6 days a week. Cardio(kettle bell swings) 2 to 3 days a week.

    typical day:

    B: Time - 6:30am: paleo sweet potato quiche+ 1 tsp of fish oil
    L: Time -11:15am: paleo cabbage roll
    D: Time - 5:30pm paleo meatball soup + broccolli

    Beverages: 14 cups of water


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      I'm 38 yrs old, 5'8", currently 168 lbs and dropping from a 5-year high of 177. US size 10 to 12. I got back onto the PB last month primarily because I was really tired of idiopathic postprandial syndrome, but losing some weight will be nice, too.

      I do keep track of my calories, loosely, because I know that I need to do that to drop weight. Only times I have ever been able to lose weight was while food journaling. Makes me pay attention to what I eat.

      Anyway, typical food for me would be 3 eggs cooked in 1/2 T butter (or hard boiled) for breakfast, along with 2 oz of cheese or maybe one link of chicken sausage or a piece of fruit and iced unsweet green tea. Today I had 3 primal pumpkin muffins each with a little butter on them. Usually followed by diet coke at work. Yes, I know.

      Lunch is usually some version of meat (3-5 oz) and veggies (> 1 cup), with 1/2 T or less of butter, sometimes with about 1/4 cup of sweet potato. These I bake until they are squishy, cut them in half, and squish them out of their skins for easy mashed sweets.

      If I feel like I need food later in the afternoon, I usually have brought along a baggie of 20 macadamia pieces (one serving according to the can). Fruit might also appear here, especially if it is unsweetened applesauce.

      Evenings I will reheat more meat or fish and veggies if I cooked a whole bunch on Sunday. If not, I tend to default to cheese, a bit of 85% + dark chocolate, pouched tuna fish, or some other kind of easy-to-get food.

      My first week I tracked calories and macros tightly to make sure I was getting enough protein and fat and not too much carb. I found that I felt fine on as little as 1500 calories per day, and ate no more than 2100. Every time I have ever had my basal metabolic rate estimated it has always been somewhere between 1400 and 1500, so I won't go that low too often. I have also lost weight on 2100-2300 calories per day back during a much more active time in my life, so I figure I'm probably in a good range right now.

      As for exercise, I am trying to get back into that as I'd like to be in better condition. I'm approaching it from a functional perspective, not appearance. I get a solid 1/2 hour of walking per day just going between parking lot, office, and campus chapel. Weightlifting is strength-oriented with compound lifts, once per week right now, but I will hopefully find the time to increase that soon. I did sprints yesterday and would like to make that a weekly regularity. I also need to do longer-interval cardio to get my fitness level back up.

      I drink lots of water, beyond satisfying thirst. I also take salt pills. Doctor's orders. Neurally mediated syncope. Don't wanna pass out. Omnipresent fatigue and lightheadedness is no fun.

      So basically I'm in progress, but I have had a much easier time losing weight so far than when I have tried to do so on a higher-carb diet.

      My advice for other women is to 1) count calories, and 2) get into the weightroom and lift heavy.


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        what success have you seen?? i weight train twice a week and cardio twice a week, as i dont want to over train.


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          Originally posted by lucyewok View Post
          what success have you seen?? i weight train twice a week and cardio twice a week, as i dont want to over train.
          lost 10lbs, gained muscle. no abs showing or anything i have a flat tummy. have lots of energy. not hungry all the time. when i weight train 5 or 6 times a week, i don't go all out each day, so no over training occurs. i have a good trainer. i'm female.
          : )
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            I have so far lost 8 or 9 pounds and gone from about a US size 12 to about a US 10. Yesterday I wore for the first time in 2 years my favorite jeans from before I gained 15 pounds (which are marked a size 8!), and while they were tight I did not look like a stuffed sausage or have a muffin top. Hips, butt, and waist are all an inch or 2 smaller, and I can now fit into the fancy bras I kept that were too small after gaining weight. I am by no means lean, but I only have a few more pounds to go before I am technically out of the overweight majority.

            More importantly to me, I no longer get fatigue, lightheadedness, anxiety, crankiness, and hostility if I go more than 2.5 hours without eating.


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              Hello from Newcastle!

              The thing that made the most difference for me was getting my supplementation right... I kept falling off the wagon until I started supplementing (with things my body obviously needed). I read The Mood Cure by Julia Ross and took my cue from that.

              I have actually lost my taste/desire for several things since switching to Paleo/primal. I stick to meat, eggs, vegetables, oils/fats, and herbal tea/water. I occasionally have fruit or nuts but I want to lose weight so avoid them mostly. I have coffee once a week or less as I try to avoid caffiene as well. I don't drink alcohol at the moment (again, for weight loss) but will definitely be adding that back in once I've reached goal. Dairy doesn't interest me anymore so I don't eat it (Plus I think it causes anxiety in me).

              I typically eat 2 or 3 times a day, depending on how hungry I am or what my work schedule is like. I don't snack. I rarely eat outside the house, but I enjoy cooking so this is no big deal for me. I do tend to fast daily, up to 16hrs, as I'm just not hungry as much.

              Breakfast (at 3:30pm as I'm on night shift): A big bowl of homemade pumpkin soup (carrot, onion, whole roasted pumpkin, homemade chicken bone broth, water, spices) with pieces of roasted chicken, 2 slices crumbled bacon, and about 2 tablespoons of suateed red pepper and onion, topped with a bit of coconut milk.
              Dinner (at midnight): grass-fed beef skirt steak stir fried with broccoli and carrots in sesame/coconut oil.

              That will be it for today. As for exercise, I walk everywhere and take walks for pleasure, and I'm just started Crossfit, which I can hopefully do 2-3x a week. I do prioritize sleep, making sure to get at least 8 hrs a night.

              I would say if your primary goal is fat loss, keep your food very very simple; meat, eggs, vegetables, fats. No paleo baked goods, no chocolate, no fruit, nuts, or dairy which are all common stumbling blocks. Also I would recommend just moving as much as you can; take walks on your break at work, walk around the neighbourhood, do a fitness class, do squats/planks/push-ups in your house, anything. Get adequate sleep, and supplement if you need to!