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Newbie weight loss, Protein supplements and stalled progress...

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  • Newbie weight loss, Protein supplements and stalled progress...

    Hi all, long time Lurker but First time poster...

    I'm trying to lose weight, have been primal for about 3 months...I started at 235 lbs and 5'8, I am down to 209 lbs and I appear to have stalled. I lift heavy 3 times a week, walk 3 to 4 days a week, and am working on getting up to par with Sprints.

    I have a quick question about whey protein as a way to get more Protein into my diet...

    I know a lot of folks will say just eat more meat, eggs, etc for Protein.

    My issue Is I seem to be physically incapable of eating more food... I follow the eat when your hungry rule...some days that's 2 meals, others just one large meal a day, my body just doesn't seem to want to let me eat more than that, on an average day my Macro-nutrient breakdown looks like this.

    1300 to 1500 calories
    71g fat
    47g carbs
    54g Protein

    Would a Protein powder be a benefit to me to help stimulate weight loss ? I have tried IF a few times and no discernible benefit, I was recommended a protein supplement on and wanted to get some input from the community here.

    if Protein powder would be a benefit how would I be best to utilize it ? PWO? daily as a "snack" ?

    Advice and input for this newbie would be much appreciated!

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    Everyone around here raves about following your hunger & eating till satiation, but I have not found it all that productive. I've found that if I simply follow my hunger I'd easily go many hours without food and feel fine, and then eat a normal sized meal that seems "filling", but when calculated out has provided nowhere near enough calories & nutrition for the number of hours I've expected it to sustain me.

    At your size/weight and with strength training 3x per week, sprinting, etc... you definitely need more calories, and your protein intake should be like double what it is, if not more. (Mark's recommendation is +1g/kg for athletes, typical bodybuilding recommendations are 1 to 1.5g/LB LBM) So... while a protein supplement is an option, real food is better, as either way you'll need to get used to eating more food to meet calorie needs, and meat/eggs/dairy is far more nutritious than isolated whey. Plus, its better over the long term to develop good dietary habits (home cooked meat) rather than bad ones (quick shakes from a powder)

    Meals when following IF with weight training tend to be MASSIVE (+1LB of meat), and even when going low carb without IF it can take awhile to get used to the seemingly larger meals, and the challenge of eating enough healthy food to meet caloric needs when you've eliminated easy to eat filler & crap from your diet.

    I've found dedicating a longer time to eat meals can help, as it just seems far easier/faster to eat 2-3 eggs + buttered english muffin than to polish off 5-6 eggs, a sliced yellow pepper, half a tomato and some avocado, even though they may have similar caloric values. That, and try experimenting with various cooking techniques, cuts of meat, recipes, etc.... as there's nothing harder to eat than bland or uninteresting food
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