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Very low DHA fish oil supplements for mood

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  • Very low DHA fish oil supplements for mood

    I generally find that most primal/paleo advocates encourage a fish oil supplement that either has higher DHA than EPA or a close balance, though some say that if worse comes to worse, the ratio is not a huge deal (no need to let the perfect be the enemy of the good).

    One thing I am confused about, though, is I often read that very low DHA, higher EPA fish oils are good for mood and stress management.

    How should one decide whether to take a "regular" (more balanced in terms of EPA/DHA ratio) fish oil or a very low DHA one? Are there benefits to taking a lower DHA fish oil (as in very low DHA, high EPA, as is often suggested/marketed for mood/stress management)? If anyone has any insight on this it'd be most appreciated.


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    EPA is essential for our eye and brain. Low levels of EPA are associated with a slowing of brain activity. Its low level decreases communication between brain cells and leads to depression. PURA EPA is a good product to recover EPA level.