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Please talk to me about the omega 3/omega 6 ratio?

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  • Please talk to me about the omega 3/omega 6 ratio?

    I think I have been turned around in this dept. I think I have been eating a lot of omega 6s...I am wondering if they are starting to mess with my energy.
    I have always used nuts as a quick I am the only one in my family eating primally. (for the moment, at least)
    But I am sensing that this is the wrong way to go. Can you all enlighten me?
    Thanks! :-)

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    supplement with some fish oil if you are concerned.

    this is minor issue.


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      I personally avoid o6s. They seem to be very problematic for me. Cutting out nuts helped me immensely. I supplemented with fish oil in the begining, to bring my balance into line, but then stopped and just focused on keeping my total polys low.
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        High O6 isn't the only problem with nuts. They also contain phytates, which impair absorption of critical nutrients like magnesium. They also have incomplete protein which is poorly absorbed and requires the body to break down its own tissue to provide missing essential aminos.

        My experience with nuts, which seems to be common, is that I have a hard time stopping eating them. That makes sense because you're never properly nourished on them, so your appetite can't be properly satisfied. I've gone through 2000+ calories of macadamias in one sitting on several occasions, and even though they have almost no O6, I never feel right afterwards. Things are much better now that I keep them out of the house.


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          I keep hearing a lot of information about how you're supposed to avoid nuts, both due to o6 content as well as phytates. There has been the point that people were making about how Grok didn't have a lot of access to nuts since they were seasonal and hard to open anyway. Perhaps you could buy some coconut milk and supplement your fats that way? Or take some shots of extra virgin olive oil =]
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            As you may know there are three important omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA occur almost exclusively in seafoods. ALA occurs in many plant oils, but it seems to be the case that ALA is of very little nutritional value and really shouldn't be counted for purposes of judging the omega 3/6 ratio. So with regards to omega-3 only the seafood forms are important. There are several forms of omega-6 fatty acids and for some reason arachidonic acid seems to be the most objectionable. Omega-6 exists in a great many fatty foods including many that are commonly found in a primal diet. Avoiding omega-6 is not easy because its so very common.

            There seem to be as many suggested omega 3/6 ratio goals as there are nutritional websites. I've often seen 4 to 1 and even 2 to 1, but let me tell you if you're eating a low carb diet with at least 50% of your calories in fat you better have a lot of cans of sardines in the pantry and be prepared to swallow a lot of fish oil caps if you want to achieve even a 4 to 1 ratio.
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