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    What's up with cultured butter? I tried to buy pastures butter (which I got) but I missed the fine's cultured as well. What's the difference? Anything like other cultured dairy, like yogurt or cheese. I HATE yogurt and cheese, so I hope that's not it.

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    The cream used to make cultured butter is allowed to clabber - or to naturally ferment a bit. Cultured butter has a wide range of tastes depending on the brand - ranging from indistinguishable from uncultured butter to very cheesy/tangy.
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      The pastured butter I buy tastes almost exactly like regular, but better.


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        Is it any better for you than regular butter?


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          I imagine since it's allowed to ferment a bit it would have higher vitamin K2 in it. Not sure what other benefits other than flavor it would have.


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            The stuff I've got has Cream & lactic cultures for ingredients. It's quite flavorful even unsalted, when I tried it I realized this is what fake butter products are trying to pretend they taste like


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              There is a French cultured butter that you can get here in the UK called President. A friend of mine who can't cope with dairy at all (digestive problems result) can eat President butter. I've started using it when I can get it and love the taste.

              I don't know if the milk is all from grass fed cattle like Kerrygold is though.