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sweet potatoe issues

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  • sweet potatoe issues

    generally you hear when you have digestive issues to stick away from all grains including rice just in case and use yams sweet potatoes but when i eat sweet pot with meat i get ten times more bloated and i get pressure all over...anyone else have this issue?

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    I do not -- but you do, so you are probably sensitive to sweet potatos/yams. Don't eat them for at least two weeks, then test them alone -- a good amount -- for lunch and note the results. If you feel fine, try them that evening at dinner with meat and see how you react. Note any reactions for the next 48 hours. You may simply have the bad luck to have a sensitivity to sweet potatos. If so, it is probably not the only food you will have a problem with. Keep experimenting and you will discover what works for you and what doesn't.
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      Wow, haven't heard of that before. You could also try and eat the sweet potato without the skin.


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        i never have the skin on and i boil or bake em to kill anything that might irritate me lol i have already done the elimination-retry phase 3 times and the first time i had just sweet potatoe alone with fat at night and that seemed to be OK-ish(i had it as my meal near bedtime so i had all night to digest and nothing around it to bug it) but both times ive tried again with meat the pressure comes right back immediately.. ive tried it in meals with just meat no fat added and then with fat added(only a small amount tho) and damn as hell both times it bugs me....arghh god doesnt want to leave me any post work out mealssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss fudgee


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          I think you are allergic to sweet potatoes. Try Yams.


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            I would tend to say that its simply because sweet potatoes and beef are at pretty far opposite ends on the PH scale, thus causing issues with digesting it properly. Now eating primal should leave you with a nice ratio at the end of the day, but I feel much better eating my protein first and waiting 30-60 minutes before I have a sweet potato. Hope this helps.

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