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    So I've been looking at different protein supplements to help with recovery. Does anyone have info on advantages and disadvantages between: Whey Protein, Egg Protein, or Casein Protein.

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    Egg protein needs the yolks to be utilized, my guess is that the products omit these.
    Whey protein is fast delivery.
    Casein is slow delivery.

    Whey protein is what you want post workout - immediate delivery of protein to your muscles.


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      And maybe a few BCAA's before you workout as well.


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        Whey is certainly the most common & popular option, but much of this is due to it being a waste/byproduct of cheese manufacturing, as opposed to casein (& "milk protein") products that require food (whole/skim milk) as their input source.
        (FYI, the protein in milk is comprised of 20% whey proteins & 80% casein proteins)

        As mentioned by others, Whey is very rapidly absorbed by the body relative to other proteins. This has both benefits and downsides depending on situation. People such as bodybuilders and athletes pushing themselves to the extreme like whey post-workout to fuel muscle growth and recovery, whereas others point to this rapid absorption as a downside, causing larger insulin spikes than proteins from whole foods when used outside of a post-workout situation. I also recall something about this rapid absorption potentially leading to increased conversion to carb via glycogenesis.

        Casein is much the opposite, as it digests far more slowly, and some types (micellar casein) actually form a gel in the stomach to slow digestion further and provide amino acids over many hours. This is why casein is often marketed as a "nighttime" or slow release protein. I can't provide any useful info on egg protein powders beyond mentioning that I have seen both egg white and whole egg proteins available.

        I for one like, they do custom mixes and have the largest variety of protein sources I've seen (+6 grades of whey, multiple milk & casein types, beef and egg proteins, and veggie proteins like soy, rice & gemma pea) often with prices cheaper than lower grade proteins @ retail.


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          The only thing I can add is that casein proteins have more of the antigens that cause reactions in those who are sensitive to dairy. If you aren't sensitive, then that is not a problem tho it is not strictly primal.
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            So is egg protein not as good because it doesn't have the yolk? What I heard is that whey and casein protein come from dairy and when trying to cut weight you should cut dairy. This is what I heard from my friend who is on a paleo diet and is a competitive weight lifter.


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              Health Correlator: How much dietary protein can you store in muscle? About 15 g/d if you are a gifted bodybuilder


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                Has anyone tried Trader Joes Hemp protein powder?