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    How many of you buy grass fed beef, free range chicken/eggs and pork. I am wondering because I bought some yesterday at the farmers market.

    1lb grass fed beef
    1lb bacon
    1lb sausage* I had asked for 1lb but I just checked and it is really 2lbs!
    2.9lb rump roast

    I paid 50$. Seems like a lot for so little compared to the commissary. I know this beef is far superior but I feel guilty because I can't really afford it weekly. Husband is in the military and his salary is pitiful hate to say that but it is true.

    I am thinking of maybe buying the bigger cuts at the farmers market and maybe saving sausage, bacon and ground beef for the commissary. The commissary tends to sell pretty rotten meats. Meats that are about to expire in a day or two. Most of the time it looks grey! Chicken is usually the same way. Seems our commissary gets the cuts no other grocery store wants. It really is appalling to find creamers that expired 2 years ago and lots of bruised and moldy food.

    We live in GA now and I am surprised the prices are so expensive. I will have to visit Rhode Island's farmers market and compare prices.

    So what do the majority of you all do for meat?
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    Sorry but you were ripped off. If you are still in Georgia go to White Oak Pasture's website and find out where you can buy their grass fed beef.
    Grass Fed Beef Restaurants


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      That's almost $8.50/# on average for those cuts, which IMO is high even buying a la carte. Do you have the capacity to buy in bulk? A $150 cube freezer usually offers plenty of room to buy a 1/4 cow and/or 1/2 pig, and the savings are tremendous. If not, you may be able to find a cheaper source of quality grass-fed/pastured direct from a different farm. Try this site. Or this site. Sometimes if you drive out to the farms you can realize some substantial savings.

      Bottom line: if the quality of commissary meat is dodgy, avoid it. Why risk putting toxins in your body? Sometimes you have to do a little legwork to find quality at a good price, but it's worth it.


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        Oh geez I am knew to this So I really am naive and clueless about what is a good or bad deal. I will look in into White Oak Pastures thank you . There ground beef price is the same as the Hunter Cattle Co (whom I bought those cuts from) but the Rump Roast is a lot cheaper at White Oak!

        We have thought about buying in bulk but probably not here. We live in a tiny little on base house and we could not fit a freezer. Otherwise I would want to buy bulk. I thought about US Wellness anyone brought from them? Thank you for the links problem is most farms are way to hell out there in GA. Being from Rhode Island and only having to travel oh on average 20 min a 3 hour drive sounds like torture with a child lol.

        Thanks for the replies. I am definitely going to be more careful about purchasing meat. We cannot afford to over spend!


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          Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats -- Meats you must eat for optimal health

          U.S. Wellness Meats — Our Animals Eat Right So You Can Too.

          I appreciate what the farmers are doing locally but my farmer's market is retailing grass-fed ground beef at $9/lb which makes Whole Foods look like a discount outlet. You've got to buy in bulk and keep frozen or hammer Whole Foods when things go on sale. They tend to do something every Thursday and/or Friday be it chicken or sausage or the grass-fed ground beef and sometimes fish.
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