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No more Friday night pizza night....

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  • No more Friday night pizza night....

    and I'm ok with it, but the hubs is not. I'm on day 5 and we usually have pizza on Friday nights. Told him last night we had to think of something else to eat on Friday nights, and he wasn't very happy about it. He's not on board yet with the primal thing, he does love the meat, bacon etc. but still has to have his taters, or so he thinks. And his cookies and milk before he goes to bed...I offered to still get him a pizza and i'll eat whatever, but he said no, he would eat whatever I'm eating. And I hate to cook on Friday nights too.
    Any ideas for something quick and primal I can whip up? Thought about picking up a rotisserie chicken at the store, or some shrimp since it's quick.
    As far as cheats, when I started I figured i would still do my usual thing on the weekends, pizza and whatever and stay 100% primal during the week. I've read stories though about how bad the body can react when eating the grains & bad carbs again, so I"m hesitant. What do y'all do when you do want a slice of pizza or some chips/salsa once a week and how does your body handle it?

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    Unless you have gluten/dairy intolerance, pizza once a week probably isn't a big deal if you're eating well the rest of the week (and weekend).

    However, if you want to stay primal, have pizza, and not cook on Fridays, I would make a primal pizza crust (made from tapioca starch) and freeze it ahead of time. On Friday, you just have to bake it!


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      How about a steak?
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        To be perfectly honest, I never found a very good substitute for flour products ( only from a standpoint of satiating cravings. Primal "flours" can yield delicious foods). An apple can appease carbohydrate cravings, but the best thing for me, was when the cravings stopped. I no longer have any desire for grain products, and it will eventually be this way for you as well. Just keep decreasing the amount of "cheats", as you call them. Remember, the word "cheat" insinuates that you are using sly tactics to obtain victory. But you win nothing by eating neolithic garbage. Instead, you physically hurt yourself. It may sound like an overly-dramatic perspective, but it is the truth, and very useful in overcoming addictions.


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          @jqbancroft, sound interesting. I will do a search and see if i can find a recipe for that. Thanks!

          @norak, I did mention having steak night, may do that. Hubs said how bout ribs and I said sure, but not with the sugary BBQ sauce. He didn't like that answer. I wonder if I could find a healthier bbq sauce at whole foods w/o the sugar. Are there recipes for primal bbq sauce?

          @karatepig, I'm not having any cravings whatsoever (yet). I'm not gonna miss the pizza at all myself. But I do like my mexican food, especially chips & salsa on occassion! You are right about the 'cheats'. Taking into account the 80/20 aspect, what I would normally call a cheat can be part of my 20% every so often

          Thanks for the input!!


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            Did a search for BBQ sauce and the 1st one that pops up is SOG's Zesty BBQ sauce. Yum, I will be making this tonight


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              I just watched this video last night for a cauliflower crust pizza: cauliflower crust pizza - YouTube


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                for ribs I usually just put them in the crock pot with the ingredients for BBq sauce, it makes its own. Add a nice salad and voila no cooking. Good luck
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                  If you want to do a wheat crust pizza as part of your 80/20, buy naan pizza crusts in the grocery store and top with your own cheese, veggies and meat. Two problems with commercial pizza: large pies = HUGE carb intake, and quality of ingredients is a mystery. Some of the chains are using all kinds of weird gloppy vegetable oils and "flavor enhancers" and who knows what else, all of which you want to avoid.

                  Naan (Indian bread) is going to be the size and shape of a flattened football, so at ~ 60g. total per piece of naan, you're switching the caloric emphasis from BIG pieces of wheat crust to smaller, richer pieces. Put some nice mozz on top, maybe some Fontina, and load up with onions, garlic, peppers, and mushrooms. I love putting shiitake, maitake, or oyster mushrooms on. Once a week, won't be such a bad splurge, especially if you just have a couple of loaded slices.


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                    +1 on the steak. You'll never miss the pizza. If going out for steak is not in the financial cards, make some extra food during the week so you don't have to cook. I really understand the idea of relaxing on Friday night and have given this a lot of thought. We have taken to cooking extra every time we grill...grilled meats, in general, reheat well. We can pull some great stuff out of the fridge and pop some mixed vegetables in a microwave steamer bad. Pop a nice bottle of red wine, and you have a real treat with very little effort.


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                      Meatzza - meatzza - meatzza!
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                        ^I was waiting for someone to suggest that!
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                          Lies. You *will* miss pizza. I miss it.

                          Anyone have a simple recipe for tapioca flour pizza crust? I can't find Chebe mix anywhere but I have a box of tapioca flour in the pantry...

                          Now I want pizza tonight.


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                            Originally posted by MadelynMc View Post

                            Anyone have a simple recipe for tapioca flour pizza crust?
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                              Thank you so much! I have been searching for two days but couldn't find anything that didn't involve a bunch of other flours. Amazing. Pizza tonight,