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Top 10 healthy breakfast options...

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  • Top 10 healthy breakfast options...

    On booting up this morning the first thing that jumped out at me off my (BT Yahoo!) home page was 10 healthiest breakfast options.

    I thought "THIS I MUST SEE." I had a really good laugh at the CW, but it's sad that most people will accept this unhealthy nonsense as gospel.

    Breakfast for me (apart from water) is one mug of strong black coffee (I'm a regular

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    Comments on yahoo things are great though.


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      That article definitely deserves a few eye rolls. I read some of the comments, interesting.

      My breakfast is a few cups of strong tasting coffee, just enough HnH to give it a hint of color.


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        I was like... beans for breakfast? Who does that? Then I realized this was from Yahoo UK.
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          And eggs were last on the list? WOW!!!!!
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            Originally posted by SoccerGrok View Post
            And eggs were last on the list? WOW!!!!!
            But they said make it with toast so it doesn't even count =P

            Actually the bacon, beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms doesn't sound bad as long as you don't put it on...toast! XD
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              Hurray for toast and oatmeal. Breakfast of champions.
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                Bagel with low fat cream cheese... wtf


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                  I love greens (any kind, turnips, mustard, kale, etc.) with mushrooms, onions, and BACON. And a little balsamic vinegar. Mmmmm.. Sometimes I top it off with an egg over easy. I love how the yolk is like a runny cheese. So delicious.
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