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online source for animal fat(lard,beef tallow) FOR CANADA! ???

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  • online source for animal fat(lard,beef tallow) FOR CANADA! ???

    does anyone know an online source i can order animal fat from i live in quebec and i cannot find any sources here and nothing in the states delivers here!!

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    I buy lard in plastic tubs in my grocery store by the bacon. You can save the fat from bacon and that is also lard.


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      Be careful. At least at my grocery store, the lard in tubs is partially hydrogenated.

      Have you asked a butcher for fat scraps? They trim off alot of fat over the course of a day and just throw it away. If you ask them in the morning, they could probably save a good amount of scraps for you by afternoon.


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        the main thing was i was hoping to get grassfed organic sources and its just impossible here in mtl i cant find it im hoping online i can get it!


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          White House Meats in St Lawrence Market in Toronto......I get duck and goose fat and beef fat there. Quite the selection of grass fed animals.
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            There's a couple of organic butchers here (Toronto). I either buy my fats in tubs from them, or I request for tallow, etc. to make my own.


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              lol i appreciate everyones help but i need an online source im not going to drive 6 hrs to toronto just to buy fat:P haha