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  • So frustrated!!!

    I'm wondering if anyone can give me any advice regarding my stall in weight loss. I'v started eating Primal for just about a month now. Prior to that, I have lost close to 80 pounds in the past 2 years with low carb eating and excercise. I'm about 30lbs. from where I'd like to be but more than anything, I want to lower my body fat (I am currently at 31%).
    The first 2 weeks eating primal I lost close to 7lbs and was thrilled. The last two weeks I have actually gone up 3-4 lbs. I'm not quite sure what I could be doing wrong. Here are some of my stats;

    ht: 5' 4''
    wt. hovering at 174 lbs.
    A typical primal day consists of:
    2 eggs 1 egg white
    handfull of blueberries
    1/2 oz or so of almonds

    4-5 ou chicken with veg

    4 oun hamberg

    4-6 ounc or chick, beef or fish
    no dairy whatsoever...
    I do mild cardio 3 times per week and lift 3 times per week...

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    As much as you want it to be, weight loss is not always a linear progression. Stalls happen for a reason, usually either your body taking time to adjust or adding muscle or holding on to water... There are just too many reasons why scales aren't the best indicator.

    The only thing you're doing wrong is worrying about the number on a scale.


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      I know that logically....but the human/female side is another story! I know this is the right lifestyle for doubt. However, I also need to know I'm doing the right things...
      Is this something that happens over a long period of time? It's just that I see the success that others have and the lower body fat transformations and I want that leaness for myself...(insert sigh here..)


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        Donnalola, a HUGE hug, and I wish I had a willpower to stick to the diet as perfect as yours!

        Are your measurments (inches) going down in all the right places? That's the first thing to check, and if the inches are dropping, do not worry about weight! Inches tell the story of the fat loss, total body mass is an auxillary measurment. Is your lifting progressive, i.e. you add weight every workout (or week) or you have some other way to make sure you are increasing in strength?

        a couple of Primal thing you could add to your set up if they feel comfortable to you are:

        Intermittent Fasting, i.e. make sure you have 14-18 hours window between any two meals
        Change one of your moderate sessions of cardio into a HIIT session (sprint)
        add a bit of carb (sweet potato) after your lifting.

        Other than that, a plateau can last for as long as 6 months with you doing everything right, and pushing it could be a bad idea, as you might force body to shred muscules.
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          Your diet and exercise look pretty good. Maybe try tracking your intake on Fitday, Myplate (livestrong), DailyBurn, etc. as a sanity check. I'm definitely not a fan of tracking every single day, but I think doing so once in a while or when you make any major dietary changes can be a good thing to help catch things that might otherwise escape your notice. You might be taking in too little food. Some members have reported weight loss after increasing their food intake. I hope this doesn't spark another calories in/calories out debate, haha. Alternatively, you could possibly be taking in too much, which is why I think tracking a few days is a good idea.

          Are you lifting intensely when you lift weights? You should be struggling on at least a few of your sets. Are you doing compound lifts/exercises? Those give a better hormonal response versus isolation type movements.


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            Veges??? Nuts can cause many people to stall weight loss. Why the egg white? Just eat 3 whole eggs. Eat a big protien breakfast. Eat at meals only and no snacking. Are you taking any suppliments? Don't stress about it. Your body is adjusting still. How do your clothes fit? Keep learning about nutrition here and look at what your body is doing. You are still too new probably to IF w/ good results. Are you adding any good oils like CO? Keep a positive attitude and focus on success. Check out the leptin reset info and see if thta may help you.


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              I was VLC (around 10 to 15g) for about 8 months. I lost about 25 pounds quickly and then it came to an abrupt and sudden stop. I suppose that was back in May. I hadn't lost pounds or inches until late August/early September (I'm super terrible about tracking my stats). I decided to do a little self-experimentation and added in some starchy carbs and the inches are starting to come down. I'm not sure about my weight since I don't weigh myself anymore. I also don't weigh or measure my food anymore, but I did for a long time and through that experience I would guess I'm at about 50-ish grams of carb now.
              Honestly, after being so VLC for such a long time, it was more than a bit scary to add in the starch, but I actually feel better with it.

              Good luck. I know it's frustrating.
              kiss = keep it simple, sister!


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                First off...Wow! Your quick and helpful responses are so appreciated! Being new to Primal and living in a non-primal world, challenges like this seem so frustrating. It's so nice to know that there those of you out there to lend your support and experience to the mix. Leida; I haven't seen too much change in the measurement area....stand by on that one. Also; I'm going to try doing some HIIT sessions during my cardio. Yodiewan; I've used Dailyburn in the past but ditched it once going primal. I'll pick it up again for a few weeks and see if there's something I've been overlooking. Mud flinger...nuts? I've been thinking that they may also be inhibiting my progress. I'm just curious as to you know? At first I thought it was the fat but now I'm just confused..I'll try eliminating for a week and see what happens...and Kiss; starchy carbs as in sweet potatoes and winter squashes? Did you add them in the early part of the day; pre or post workout...does it matter?
                Again..thank you all for all the help...hopefully I can be in your shoes one day and helping someone else achieve their "primal" goals!


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                  40 years old

                  I lived at around 170 for 9 months. The reward for going primal for me was taking the obsession out of food. I ate anything that was on the program. I didn't weigh myself and I worked out like I wanted (cycling and weights). I went through times of skipping breakfast. I thought to myself "I'm happy and if this is my lot in life so be it.". It works for me and I feel amazing. Then a couple of months ago I decided I was ready to drop so I started counting what I ate. Measuring only so I would know, not necessarily for restriction. I averaged around 1200 to 1400 a day. When you're not eating the sugar and grains, this is A LOT. I just had my measurements done. I have lost 10 pounds, 2 and a half percent body fat and six and a half inches. An inch and a half around my belly and an inch and a half in my upper arms. I'm coming up on a year of eating this way and it is amazing what it has done for me. For once in my life I've let go of the stress and obsession of my weight. I think sometimes, nothing ever leaves us until we are at peace with it. Stop fighting it and I think you'll be surprised. Settle in, enjoy your food and love your body for what it can do for you.
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                    To jump start, cut out blueberries and add a bit more fat. maybe macadamias instead of almonds - think ketosis...


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                      I just thought about one thing that is actually pleasant (as opposite to cutting out berries or your perfectly reasonable 10 almonds) ): does your schedule allow an option to add 30-1 hr pleasure stroll a day or go to a pool to splash/steam/hot tub a few times a week? Sometimes that stress-free play excersise, particulary after the last meal of the day is all you need. Hard to believe, but maybe you can give it a shot!

                      Measuring only so I would know, not necessarily for restriction. I averaged around 1200 to 1400 a day. When you're not eating the sugar and grains, this is A LOT.
                      You are a lucky, lucky person! 1,300 is miserably small for me, if I don't watch I jump into 1,800-2,000 cals range "naturally". Hunger is a bitch!
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                        I'm in my early 40s and have been primal since last winter. I have actually gained weight on primal, and I think it's because I've had too many calories, and not enough primal-friendly carbs.

                        I'm seeing a naturopath right now (he is very into primal/paleo), and he's having me count calories for a few weeks and also increase my primal-friendly carbs, especially on days when I work out. He says there are some folks who need more carbs for this WOE to be successful, and VLC doesn't work for everybody. So I'm currently tracking around 100 grams of carbs on days when I have a workout. If I take a day off from working out, then I stay around 50 - 60. After going this route for about a week, I'm down about a pound, and I also have more energy, my workouts are better, and I'm not so hungry all the time. My primal-friendly carbs are usually sweet potatoes, carrots, maybe half a banana or an apple.

                        I guess my point is that you may have to modify your plan and try some small changes to see what works for you. I'm envious of those people who say they never need to count calories as long as they eat primal. I suppose if you have a fantastic metabolism and aren't a 40-ish woman...


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                          I guess my point is that you may have to modify your plan and try some small changes to see what works for you. I'm envious of those people who say they never need to count calories as long as they eat primal. I suppose if you have a fantastic metabolism and aren't a 40-ish woman...
                          I had that vison of finally being ina harmony with my body needs when I went primal/paleo, not counting calories & retiring the scale, but I think it was just a beautiful fantasy. I re-started calorie count today, and if that doesn't help, well, out come the macros (abhor the thought of having to cut carbs again, it sucks)
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                          When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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                            I was also averaging up to 2000 cals when I was eating whatever I wanted. Nuts, coconut oil in every cup of tea or coffee, pouring on the walnut oil with my salads, bacon on everything, but when I started measuring and limiting just a little bit I found that I was eating limitless because this sight told me I could. But what I really needed to satiate hunger and still have a healthy amount of fats was actually much less. I think we need to be limitless at first because it's so refreshing for us as women, but when you get down to it and really examine hunger you find that 1400 is actually plenty. I swear I could eat a whole jar of Almond butter if I wanted to! lol
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                              There have been many debates on these boards about counting versus not-counting calories. I have really wanted to be in the "not-counting calories" camp, and that's where I was for quite a few months. Now I realize that ignoring calorie intake has caused me to gain weight on primal instead of lose. I don't plan to count calories religously forever, but I'm going to stick with it for a few weeks, see if if makes a difference, and then hopefully I can be to a place where I can do it more intuitively instead of using an on-line tracking tool. It's one day at a time for now!